Less than 24 hours ago, Selena Gomez released a new song called Lose You to Love Me.  It’s honestly a pretty good song and is almost confirmed to be about Justin Bieber (listen to the lyrics).  In the song, she says “I saw the signs and ignored it,” which makes tons of sense for her and Justin, she definitely saw the signs with Justin, they broke up at least three times but she kept getting back with him (ignoring). She also speaks about how “In two months you replaced us,” Justin and Selena ended officially in May 2018 and Justin and Hailey and Justin and Hailey got together in June 2018… just about two months.

For some weird reason, the song almost made me feel emotional about the Selena and Justins breakup! The couple had such a whirlwind romance, and obviously as much as 15 year old me wanted Justin to be mine, I totally looked up to them as a couple. Overall, the song is pretty relatable and a classic Selena Gomez romantic song hit.  More of a slow vibe, not really for your pregame playlist, but a good mellow song you’ll probably want to belt out in your car.


So what’s the tea?


Just before the song was released last night, Hailey posted this to her story on Instagram:




Is she threatened by Selena? It looks like it. Hailey hasn’t deleted the story as of 6pm of October 23, despite tons of press about it. Not saying this is a death threat, but like… is it?

Is it just me who gets so damn excited when celebrities post the notes app? What I would give to go through their actual notes on their phones. Anyways, Selena’s response was just as shady, not calling Hailey out directly, but mentioning “the enemy” and how they keep trying to tear her down:




The one thing about this whole ordeal that I don’t understand is, artists write songs about their ex’s all the time, Justin is not innocent here either. Selena isn’t trying to get Justin back, she talks about how her relationship with him wasn’t what she deserved and that she needed to move on to love herself. I don’t think she did anything wrong by releasing this song! Taylor Swift does it all the time and doesn’t seem to have her ex’s new lovers coming for her.

Who knows how this will all play out, but trust me when I tell you I will be watching.