In the last month and a half, have you; a) noticed a significant decline in how often you use Snapchat to snap your fuck-budd(ies) on Saturday night; b) had a decrease in the amount of viewers on your totally cool Snap Story; c) lost all of your snap streaks as fast as Jonah Hill loses weight; or d) all of the above? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. To kick off 2018 in the worst way, Snapchat dropped a pretty huge update that moved all our shit around, and not going to lie, we’re pretty pissed. Many Snap users have been publicly voicing their hatred of the new Snapchat update and have decreased using the app, or just deleted it all together, because they just hate it so fucking much.

Remember when U2 just dropped their album that NO ONE wanted onto everyone’s phone? This Snap update is pretty much the same thing, because not only did we not ask for this, but the new update is showing up on your phone unexpectedly, just like Mother Nature at the worst possible time.

To access your friends’ Stories, you now have to swipe right to the new Friends page, where you can find all your friends’ Snaps and messages. This clusterfuck doesn’t show you who’s story is whose and it makes you sit there and waste time re-watching the same stories over and over again. Snapchat created a new home page on the right-hand side called ‘Discover’ and honestly, idk how to even explain the purpose of it because I don’t use it. Ever.

To make this all worse, your friends are no longer organized in alphabetical order the way they used to be, meaning you run a serious risk of snapping a nude to the wrong guy if you don’t pay attention.

Even new Mama Kylie Jenner took some time away from caring for newborn Kosmetic Heiress Stormi to say what we’re all thinking. Last week, Kylie tweeted that the new Snapchat update “is so sad” and that she doesn’t even use the app anymore, and apparently everyone noticed because less than 24 hours, Snapchat stock lost over $1 billion dollars and experts are blaming Kylie. I mean, they don’t call her King Kylizzle for nothing???

Someone should have talked the heads at Snapchat out of releasing this truly heinous new Snap, because whoever said this update was the new pink was seriously disturbed. Honestly, the only update people want from Snapchat is being able to see everyone’s best friends, so if the hot nerds at Snap Inc. could do us all a favour and bring that back, we would seriously appreciate it. Like, really.

By: Hunter Sol