I can’t even come up with a snarky comment, Nick and Priyanka are just too pure

Other than the ‘In My Feelings’ dance challenge (@Drake, Keke doesn’t love you BTW), the only other weird trend to come from this summer has been super fast and random celebrity engagements. We already spoke about Hailey and Bieber, and Ariana and Pete are just too fucking weird to even get a mention (Sweetener is bomb though, good job girl),  but the newest celebrity couple to win over our hearts is Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

After being spotted together at the Met Gala back in 2017, romance rumours didn’t fully take off until a year later, in May 2018. Nick and Priyanka’s relationship was fast and furious. After announcing to the world that they were together by commenting on each other’s Instagrams, Nick brought Priyanka as his date to his cousin’s wedding, where she killed it with the Jonas Clan (at least, that’s what TMZ says). Fast forward to July, where rumours flew that Nick rented out an entire Tiffany store to pick out the perfect ring (@my future husband, take notes please!!).

This past weekend, their families met each other in India as part of a traditional engagement ceremony AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT WAS SO PURE. LIKE SO PURE. There were photos of Nick and Priyanka and Nick’s parents and they all looked so happy about everything.

Normally, I would be making jokes left, right and center about how quick this relationship was, but for once in my life, I’m incapable of being a bitch. Is this how the Grinch felt when he started to get feelings?!?!

While in India, N and P went to visit a local orphanage. COULD THEY GET ANY MORE PURE LMK!!!!

They posted the cutest Insta photos also, where both Joe Jonas and his new fiancé welcomed Priyanka into the family with the cutest messages. This whole engagement is just making me sad and waiting for my own marriage proposal.


By: Hunter Sol