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It’s that time of year again- where a bunch of “celebrities” show up to the MTV Video Music Awards and make me feel old AF for not knowing who they are. This year was basically a Spirit Halloween catalogue with nearly every celebrity showing up in a costume inspired mess. Thank you MTV for ruining my favorite holiday. 


Iggy Azalea 

iggy azalea vma 2018

First things first, this is the worst. Iggy Azalea looks like she works at hot topic in this latex Joker inspired outfit. Did she get ready in the dark? Lmk. 

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Amber Rose

amber rose vma 2018

What in the Party City mess is this?! Somebody tell Amber Halloween isn’t for another two months and that she’s way too old to be pulling this off anyways. Thank you, Amber, for reminding me I need to start my costume diet now. 

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Ariana Grande

ariana grande vma 2018

Ariana with another cosplay outfit and I’m not even sure what she’s trying to cosplay. Warrior princess? Sexy tin man? Looks like she threw some tinfoil on and called it a day. Tbh I kind of really want this outfit for halloween. I think the boots ruin it though. (Look at me being a stylist, Ari if you need a new stylist – holla atcha girl). Having said that, props to Ariana for changing the hairstyle (finally) and having a sick (number 1) album. 

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Kim Petras

Kim Petras vma 2018


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Teyana Taylor

teyana taylor vma 2018

Serving street fighter horribleness. She looks like someone I wouldn’t choose to play in a video game. Can someone DM me her workout plan though. Kk thx.

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Bebe Rexha

bebe rexha vma 2018

This outfit looks like a cheap dress from an instagram boutique, that’s meant to be a knock-off of something the Kardashians wore.  Bebe, you’re better than the Instagram ass model aesthetic. I think your stylist hates you.

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Rita Ora

rita ora vmas 2018

Looks like her designer realized it was a mess and just decided to scribble. They were like “fuck it, no one cares about Rita Ora anyway”.

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Blake Lively

blake lively vmas 2018

S spotted in all white on the red carpet. Alone? Wonder if her outfit scared away R? Trouble in paradise? You know you love me XOXO. But seriously, can Blake hire the GossipGirl stylist please? 

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Camila Cabello

camila cabello vmas 2018

Camila is rocking a BUBBLE HEM dress. I’m sorry is it 2006?! Why do you look like you’re going to a quincenera? So. Many. Questions.

Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj vmas 2018

Her outfit makes her look like a FedEx box package. A package that I did NOT order. Return address please?! 

Blac Chyna

blac chyna vma 2018

What’s the point of wearing clothes anymore anyway? She looks like she’s ready to fight Rob after finding out he’s texting other bitches.

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And that’s a wrap because if I listed every horrible look on this red carpet, I’d be here forever and frankly I’m over it. Anyone else missing the 2000’s? 

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