Valentine’s Day is notorious for driving people into sheer panic mode or a total state of depression. And this year, the fact that it lands on hump day, might make it even less bearable. Whether you’re involved in a relationship that goes beyond fuck buddy status, or you’re still avidly swiping through Tinder, the struggle is real. Considering the vast range of love and hate that this day inspires, it is the perfect opportunity to rejoice with heart-shaped boxes of premium Godiva chocolates and celebrate Hallmark’s voracious ability to spur consumerism.

Since we live in a world that tends to breed an alarming rate of John Tucker mini-me’s, there’s nothing wrong with getting blackout in honour of singledom (and all your extra bed space). Either way, when the 14th rolls around, we should all just mentally prepare ourselves for a flood of cheesy marketing ploys, obnoxious Instagrams and shameless reminders that chivalry is dead.

Over the course of life, February 14th has evolved from receiving cute cards from your classmates in middle school, to a day of high societal expectations and inevitable disappointment. If you’re coupled up, save yourself the sorrow and refrain from rating your boyfriend by Nicholas Sparks standards. Regardless of your blatant attempts at hinting towards the Cartier love bracelet, there’s a 75% chance you’ll just end up with an overpriced stuffed animal from your local drugstore.

This year, take it upon yourself to plan a date that ultimately caters to your needs. Valentine’s day is undoubtedly overrated, but that doesn’t mean you need to force yourself to pretend like you enjoy a mediocre dinner from a “exclusive” prix-fixe menu. Instead of bitching about your boyfriend’s failed attempts to please you, propose something like a spa retreat, wine tasting tour, or a romantic night at a charming airbnb.

Spa Retreat

A spa retreat is a perfect way to unwind and spend quality time with your beau. Nothing says romance like a couples massage, followed by a steamy sauna sesh…because who doesn’t like to get pampered in complete serenity?! It is the ultimate foreplay, because it can be enjoyed in plush robes, with chocolate covered strawberries and the finest champagne.

Wine Tasting Tour

You can never go wrong with anything that involves an endless indulgence of wine. A wine tasting tour with your sweetheart is basically an excuse to get white girl wasted and still look classy doing it. This is an ideal V-day date for any stage of a relationship, whether you’re totally in love or still trying to get past the casual dinner companion phase.


An intimate getaway is a great way to step up the game, because sometimes local date spots are such a bore. Airbnb offers so many dreamy settings to choose from, from hot tubs to rooftop terraces, and nothing sounds better than getting whisked away to a far off land with your bae. And if you happen to have the skills to stir up a home-cooked meal, you could take advantage of the cozy quarters to show your man that you’re truly wifey material.

…And for those who wind up feeling like a minority this V-day, at least you know you can count on a snap from Team Snapchat. Happy Single’s Awareness Day!

By: Sasha Ialova