miami vice

Kim Kardashian has been holidaying in Miami. Did Miami Vice inspire her styling for this trip? Because every day has been a neon fashion show. 

kim and kanye 2chains wedding

A sexier, curve-hugging, latex Miami Vice – duh. We are not going to address Kanye pulling our grandpa and borrowing Kim’s Yeezy slippers for this look. Wearing white to a wedding is usually frowned upon as to not upstage the bride, but what about neon freaking yellow? This latex yellow dress is everything.


Kim also hit up Liv night club (cause how can you go to Miami and not hit up Liv?) in this sexy neon two piece. Kind of looks like a beach look but the colour makes it v appropriate for the club. 

kim kardashian neon wig lamborghini

Next, we have Kim in another curve-hugging latex dress. The dress is shockingly not neon, but she is rocking a neon yellow wig and a matching Lamborghini which is so baller. Can we say goals? Who doesn’t want to match different exotic cars to their outfits. 

so extra

Let’s also not forget the bougie neon pink Chanel body suit she rocked on a boat. 

kim kardashian pink chanel

If Kimmie K wearing a bunch of sexy neon outfits wasn’t enough to cement this trend as the hottest of the moment, then surely Blake Lively rocking a full on highlighter look will explain why you’ll be seeing neon shit everywhere. 

blake lively neon yellow

p.s. new drinking game: take a shot every time you read the word “neon” – just kidding, don’t. You’ll die.