Traveling – it can be amazing for the soul and super fun too! However, one thing traveling is never good for is your skin. Airplanes, trains, road trips, busses, public places, hotel rooms, different climate, drinking more, eating less healthy foods, not getting enough nutrition, not working out, these are all things that can affect your physical and mental health which in turn can affect your skin in super negative ways!  As a skin care junkie, as well as someone who can’t stand when my skin isn’t nourished and balanced (hopefully most people agree on this, but the feeling of having dry/unhealthy skin is one of the worst feelings) a huge downside to traveling to a new place, is the effects it will have on my skin!  There is tons of stuff you can do to keep your skin as good as can be during any traveling you may be doing, I’m going to share some products and tips and tricks that keep my skin on point when I need it to be! Vacations are the time that I need my skin to be good – vacay selfies are the best selfies.


One of the main tips & tricks that I like to stick by for traveling is to not change up your routine very much, likely if you’re traveling to a different place the water you are drinking and using for showering and washing your face has different minerals in it which cause the water itself to have the ability to change up your skin. I find even when I shower in certain places, I can tell just by the way my hair air dries how different the water is.



Despite keeping most of my routine the same, I do have a few products that I actually use mostly just on vacation:

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

These pads are amazing. I’ve mentioned them so many times before in my articles – I am obsessed. The issue is, they are super expensive and run out quickly if you’re using them all the time! I like to save these pads for when my skin needs a super deep cleanse.  On vacation is a perfect time! Post-flight, preflight, and even nightly before bed – these save my skin from the vacay blues by targeting any potential problems and stopping them before they can hit my face!  These pads are easy to pack, super light so they don’t take up a chunk of your bag, and the most helpful things ever! I make sure to always have a few of these pads on me when I go away.


Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Face Mist

This face mist is unlike any other. It smells like you’re walking through an orchard full of oranges and the mist itself is so fine that you don’t feel wet after, just dewy and fresh. This is the perfect thing to have on you during a travel day because airplanes are horrible for dryness and nourishment. The planes have such limited moisture that it literally gets sucked out of your skin along with all the natural good oils and nutrients, that’s why this mist is perfect! It allows your skin to be replenished with moisture and antioxidants.  The mini size is perfect to fit in your purse, you can even carry it on through security!


Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

Normally at home I use the Supergoop everyday city sunscreen serum because I love how it doesn’t feel like sunscreen when it goes on your skin, however – when I’m traveling I like to be extra diligent with my SPF (because in airplanes you are actually subject to some super harmful UV rays), plus I never know how strong the sun is in the place I’m traveling to! I like to be extra careful and use a stronger sunscreen that lasts a super long time! I love this one because it’s so smooth and you can put makeup on top if you need!


Glamglow Thirstymud Treatment

This face mask is everything and more, I have for sure raved about it before but it honestly doesn’t get any better than this! I am obsessed with how it leaves my skin feeling. Again, as your skins biggest issue while traveling will likely be dehydration this is the perfect thing! Whenever you feel like your skin needs an extra boost, layer this on and within minutes you will feel like a whole new person!



One thing I like to do is have an in-flight routine, I am not the girl who’s full out sheet masking it up on the airplane, that could be embarrassing (not that I would judge if you did that, I back it).  I do like to do a ton of stuff pre-travel day and mid travel day to make sure the tons of germs and loss of hydration don’t get to me.


Do not hate me. I know everyone says water will solve all of your problems, but seriously when you’re traveling it can. It may suck to need to go pee every 10 minutes, and the person sitting in the aisle seat next to you may hate you for making them stand up every 10 minutes, but your skin will thank you. Since you’re in a place with limited hydration (the air, or another transportation vehicle) for a super long time you MUST stay hydrated. If not, not only will your skin feel the effects but you will physically feel unwell with symptoms of dehydration like headaches, etc…



While I don’t tend to mask it up mid-flight, I do tend to do like five different face masks the night before I go away because I want my skin to be prepared for what it’s about to go through. Depending on how my skin is, I like to start with a clay mask, move on to a firming mask, next I’ll exfoliate with a mask, and then hydrate with a sheet mask. Ok so it’s more like 4 masks, but it’s still super extra. However, my skin thanks me because by doing this I’m tacking all the problems and basically giving myself an at home facial. You could also go for a facial, but I hate how sometimes my skin looks worse off right after a facial than it did before!


No Makeup

No matter what – never wear makeup when you are traveling. In a car, on a boat, on a plane, on a train, anytime you will be traveling for a long time steer clear of makeup because these places tend to be super dry.  When they inevitably dry your skin out, if you have any makeup on the makeup will get sucked into your pores and can build up to create blackheads, whiteheads, and bumpy skin texture! No fun. Save your makeup routine for once you arrive at your destination (and definitely after you have showered and/or washed your face).

Hand Sanitizer & Lysol Wipes

I sanitize my hands probably every 10 minutes while traveling, as well, I am that crazy person who you see wiping down the entire plane with a Lysol wipe before I sit in my seat #sorrynotsorry. I don’t really care if people think I’m insane, I do it to stay healthy and keep my hands clean! Inevitably, even without realizing it, your hands touch your face, more than you know. SO by keeping your hands clean and clear of any bacteria resting on the plane you must sanitize and wipe down things you may be touching so they don’t contaminate your skin!



Lastly, when you’re sitting on an airplane TURN THE AIR OFF. Do you know the little air fan that everyone has above their seats? Sorry to say but no matter how hot the plane is, you need to turn that shit off. That air is recycled which means that the person who just sneezed at the front of the plane, well the air that they sneezed into is being sent back to you and blown into your face. TURN IT OFF.


That’s it for me! Stay clean, clear, and healthy so you can enjoy wherever you’re traveling to.