Bratz Makeup Challenge: Are We Over it or Living for it?

Most 2000s kids remember the infamous Bratz doll either for their exaggerated appearance or great fashion. But If you haven’t heard, the Bratz challenge has been all the rage lately. Beauty influencers have been trying to copy the iconic look of a Bratz doll, with their big glossy lips and big eyes. Many are so inspired with these different trends coming into the beauty world and are so on it. It looks so real, its almost scary! Like beauty influencer, James Charles who has over 12 million views on his tutorial on turning himself into “Chloe” Bratz doll.


What makes this challenge interesting, is the fact that not every influencer did the same look, everyone did a different style of their interpretation of what a Bratz doll is. For example, an influencer known on youtube as Chrisspy, did a more doable look by just copying the eye look and using her own features, not exaggerating much. Despite the challenge, dying down already, it was great to reminisce on our childhood’s favorite girl group. So excited to see what’s the next viral makeup challenge to go around.


By: Isabella Bassi