Three’s a Crowd? Khloe, Tristan & Jordyn

Welcome to this episode of “Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Have Broken Up, a series brought to you by the internet, and the good people at E! Earlier, this afternoon, TMZ reported that Khloe and Tristan have broken up — for good.


Tristan celebrated Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles with Khloe last week, but this weekend, he was apparently spotted at a house party with Kylie Jenner’s right hand, her go-to, Jordyn Woods. According to sources, they were “all over each other”. I would just like to let the records show that I am currently listening to ‘Before He Cheats’ by Carrie Underwood while I write this article. Moving on.

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In case anyone need’s a quick recap, Tristan has been caught in this situation before because this man ain’t shit. When Khloe was about to give birth to True, videos surfaced of him cheating on her while she was pregnant. Then, in the middle of that shit storm, Tristan was seen bringing a girl back to his hotel room. Like, seriously?

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Annnnnnyways, Khloe found out on Monday about Tristan’s latest infidelity and broke up with him immediately after. US Weekly also confirmed the breakup but didn’t mention Jordyn at all. An Instagram account called Hollywood Unlocked posted a video in which they reported that one of their writers was at Tristan’s house this weekend and watched the whole thing go down. According to this mystery source, Jordyn showed up and started cuddling with Tristan and then she ended up staying the night until 7:00 am. Not sketchy at all!!

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And, instead of denying it, Khloe hopped in the comments to basically confirm what happened. Not only did she comment on it, but her ride or die Malika Haqq commented writing “STRONG FACTS” and Larsa Pippen, yet another of the Kardashian Krew commented “Amen!!!”. So, uh, YA, no one is denying what happened.

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I guess the only thing left to say here is “Bye Felicia!!..I mean, Jordyn!!!!”

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No word on Kylie’s thoughts yet…

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Stay tuned to MTS as we keep you updated on all the developments in this breaking news story.

By: Hunter Soll