The Top 10 Pop Culture Stories Of 2018

2018 seemed to last longer than Meghan Markle’s train at the royal wedding. Legit, we had an Olympics this year and I’m pretty sure you all forgot about it until I just mentioned it now. In the clusterfuck of the past 365 days, we’ve seemed to have had some pretty epic, amazing, and straight up WTF-worthy news stories. We here at MTS have comprised our favorite stories from this past year (in no apparent order, nobody has time for that shit).


After being spotted together at the Met Gala back in 2017, romance rumors didn’t fully take off until a year later, in May 2018. Nick and Priyanka’s relationship was fast and furious. Within a span of two months, they had started dating, became Instagram-official, met the family, and got engaged. I don’t know about you, but it takes me longer to decide if I even like a guy, so good on you, Priyanka and Nick. They got married in the beginning of December, where their celebrations were a three-day long bender. Normally, I would be making jokes left, right and center about how quick this relationship was, but for once in my life, I’m incapable of being a bitch, because everything about them is JUST SO FUCKING PURE. ADOPT ME PLEASE.


As you probably heard — and if you didn’t, do you live under a rock? — there was just a tiny scuffle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the Harper’s Bazaar icon party at New York Fashion Week. Specifically, Cardi threw a shoe at Nicki. How classy. Apparently, the two ladies squashed their beef for a hot minute, but that all went to shit when Nicki used the two strippers that Cardi had allegedly beat up for fucking Offset in one of her music videos. As I’m typing this, I truly realize how absurd this entire situation is. What the actual fuck?


In case you forgot about the great Tide Pod fiasco of 2018, here’s the Sparknotes version. In January, dumbass teenagers started biting into Tide Pods on camera and then posting the videos to social media. This soon became known as the Tide Pod challenge, and countless memes sprung up to make fun of how dumb our future leaders are. Luckily, this lasted like a month tops, and everyone moved on to something even dumber, like flossing.


Ah, Hailey Baldwin and the Biebs, 2018’s golden couple. Since their shocking impromptu engagement, this couple has been inseparable. After dating briefly in 2014, they broke up (aka JBiebs was a fuckboy and didn’t want to commit). Fast-forward 4 years, and after a short-lived reconciliation with Selena, Justin went back to Hailey like that booty call we all know will pick up when we call. After getting back together for literally .4 seconds, they got engaged, and lived happily ever after…for now.


Kylie Jenner’s not-so-secret pregnancy was definitely the best way to start off a wild year of pop-culture. After MONTHS of speculation, it was finally confirmed that Kylie was, in fact, pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby. At first, I was like, “this is going to end TERRIBLY”, but now, I’m like “wait, this is kind of cute, kind of”. I’m still jealous that a 10-month-old has a way better wardrobe than me, but whatever.


Everyone’s hearts grew 10 sizes when the news came out that Khloe Kardashian was pregnant with her first child with her Prince Charming, Tristan Thompson. Everyone’s favorite Kardashian deserved complete and utter happiness until her baby daddy had to go and fuck it up. Since there’s no better time than right before the birth of your child for skeletons aka side-chicks to come out of the closet, shit hit the fan. It was revealed that 6 months before Khloe gave birth, Tristan was cheating with two girls at hookah club. This news obvs devastated us but it induced Khloe’s birth, and her little bundle of joy, True, arrived. Fuck you, Tristan Thompson.


Drake shocked the world this summer when he announced he knocked up a random French porn star and was now the father to a nearly one-year-old son. Drake revealing that the kid was his was the same as Bill Clinton revealing he was banging Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. We all knew it was happening, but we were all still shocked when it was confirmed. Genuinely surprised that it took Drake this long to father an illegitimate love child, but also genuinely mad that it wasn’t with Rihanna.


The JUUL is 2018’s newest version of the e-cig. It looks like a USB, but is as skinny as you were in high school. Up until recently, everyone and their grandmother had a JUUL but then the government pulled a totally lame move and raided the JUUL headquarters, so basically, fuck.


Ariana Grande had a wild 2018. Not only did she break a million records, but her love life ruled the gossip sites. After breaking up with her boyfriend of two-years, Mac Miller (RIP, I LOVE YOU), she rebounded with SNL’s token young person/stoner, Pete Davidson. After less than a month of dating, Ariana and Pete got engaged. They were so PDA, I was vomiting more than after Saint Patrick’s Day. In a twist that WE ALL SAW COMING, Pete and Ariana broke up in October, following the death of Mac, and also because they just moved way too fucking fast and realized that they didn’t actually like each other, the sex was just really good (#BDE). Here’s to hoping 2019 is a MUCH better year for Ariana, we’re all rooting for you!!


To close out a year of celebrity craziness, and to bring us all some good news that doesn’t totally suck, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally tied the knot. It was a day that no one knew if we would actually get to, especially because once-upon-a-time, Miley claimed that she ‘can’t be tamed’. Luckily for us, after 10 LONG FUCKING YEARS, they finally tied the knot in front of their closest loved ones. Mazel Tov to both of you, and Miley, extra Mazel Tov for marrying the hottest guy in Hollywood!!!

So, there you have it folks, 2018 in a nutshell. Hopefully, 2019 is way better than this year, or worse, I don’t fucking care, just give me the vodka.


By: Hunter Soll