The Best Gift Guide You’ve Ever Laid Your Eyes On!

Hey guys – I’m back and ready to give you another gift guide! This time we’re not just talking beauty, but we’re going to include EVERYTHING.  Sadly, I am not a personal shopper (that would probably be the best job ever so if anybody’s hiring please hit me up) but that doesn’t stop me from helping you get the perfect gift for everybody on your list.

I’ve recently finished up with my exams, so I’ve had quite a bit of time to peruse the world of online shopping (this is my favourite hobby, again I would be an amazing personal shopper). I’ve curated the ultimate gift list so you can be a star this holiday season and win at gift giving. You’ll thank me later when your family and friends cannot stop talking about how much they love the gift you got them.

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For the person who never stops talking about their workout class: The Jr. Wingman Bag from Think Royln

This is THE chicest workout bag that I have ever seen – and for anyone who travels it could double as an easy airport bag too! It comes in silver, gold, and floral and although you can’t go wrong with any of the colours my personal favourite is the silver. This bag is super lightweight, so it won’t feel like you’re working out just when holding it. The strap is also detachable so you can choose when you want it and when you don’t.  This will fit everything you need to have an amazing workout, running shoes, clothes, energy bars, a water bottle, you name it!

For those of you who aren’t into hitting the gym this bag can still work for you! Like I said before, you could use it to travel or even as an everyday bag for work or just life.  If you’re into it for non-workout use, I would go for the floral pattern because it’s super trendy and fashionable.

For the person who has an amazing trip planned in the new year: The Fujifilm UO Exclusive Custom Color Instax Wide 300 Instant Camera

One of my BFF’s is going on exchange in January ☹  I’m super sad – but she’s headed to Australia so she’s excited! My friends and I decided to get her this Fujifilm polaroid camera from urban outfitters because it will be the perfect way for her to commemorate her trip!

I know – everyone has an iPhone these days and can capture a moment with the click of a button.  BUT this camera is super cute and it’s a new and improved version of the old polaroid, so the photos are actually so much bigger than before. Your friend will be so SO thankful for you when they have a bunch of polaroid pictures to look back at from their trip.

For the person who doesn’t leave the house in anything but sweats: The RE/DONE Recycle Crew Neck Logo

Just admit it, we all know at least one person who is always in a sweat suit. No judgement – I wish I could pull off a hoodie and joggers at every event I go to. For this person, why not add to their collection with a super comfy crew neck from RE/DONE.  RE/DONE is an amazing brand which specializes in revamping vintage Demin (and selling it at super high prices). Celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez swear by RE/DONE’s jeans.

Your friend will love this super comfy crewneck – and maybe it will make them want to purchase some new jeans so they can get rid of the joggers? This sweatshirt is also 50% off right now so even if you don’t know the perfect person to get it for you may as well grab it for yourself. Who can’t use a new comfy sweatshirt?

For the person who wants to be an influencer: Montse Quilted Leather Belt Beg By Rebecca Minkoff

Belt bag, fanny pack, whatever you want to call it – it’s SUPER in right now. Everywhere I go on Instagram I see another super pretty girl decked out in a super stylist outfit with one of these bags. This one from Aritzia is really cute because of the pattern on the front. It’s all leather with brass hardware so it will go with anything!  You can even take the strap off and use it as a clutch for a less casual look.

For the person who’s always complaining about being cold: Halogen Cashmere Coordinates Hat & Arm Warmer Set

This hat and arm warmer set in the light pink colour are to die for. It also comes in black and grey. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is always cold (i.e. ME) because this set keeps you stylish and warm at the same time! Super soft and luxurious because cashmere - duh, (which makes it gift-worthy) but it’s also surprisingly affordable. I love the arm warmers vs. gloves because gloves are annoying to take off to text or scroll insta.

For the person who loves tequila: The Sugarfina You Had Me at Tequila Bento Box

This box comes with a little shot mixer as well as some candies that you can mix with your tequila to have a fun drink! I would also buy your friend a nice bottle of tequila to go with the set so they’re ready to start the party! You could go for any type, but Sugarfina recommends Casamigos.  

This gift is a great thing to get for the host of your holiday party because they might want to open it right there and then are share it with you!


For the person who says that they don’t want anything: The UGG Scuffette II Water Resistant Slipper

When someone tells you that they don’t need anything and you still want to get them something to show how grateful you are to have them in your life, comfy, fuzzy slippers are a solid way to tell them this. These slippers are also waterproof which means they can wear them hungover to the supermarket or across the street to their McDonalds whenever their heart desires. They may get some judgemental looks, but seriously, we’ve all been there. They come in sparkly black, gold, silver and pink color and are so cute.

I’m a fan of the black ones because they’re super chic and not easy to stain but try to think of the person you’re buying them for, and which colours they wear more often.

For the person who’s addicted to their phone (so like… everybody?): The Zero Gravity Rainbow Chevron Case

This phone case is a star. I may or may not have ordered it the second I found it on (I have an addiction to phone cases you can ask any of my friends). This phone case is so stylish, and someone who’s addicted to their phone will love it because it’s not bulky and ugly but will keep their prized possession safe and sound.  They have so many different designs to choose from.

Hopefully this gift guide helps you out with some last-minute gifts! Keep on shopping till’ you drop and no need to thank me when you become the best gift giver at your holiday party.

By Emmy Goodman