Are You In Love Or Are You Just Cold?

Michael Buble is defrosting, and I’m sure that while you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you’re also dreaming for someone to cuddle with on those below freezing nights. With the snow starting to fall and the temperatures dropping, you’ve probably started turning to dating apps to find your long-term hookup of the season. This person…

Break Up With Your Boyfriend, Because Cuffing Season Is Over

Break Up With Your Boyfriend, Because Cuffing Season Is Over

I’d like to preface this article by saying that, although it seems like my love life is 100% together and that I know what the hell I am doing, based on the fact that I am about to drop some premium romantic knowledge on all of you, I, in fact don’t, so don’t think I’m the second coming of Cupid, because I’m not. Tomorrow is March 20th, which is officially the first day of Spring, but no one cares about that! March 20th marks the official end of cuffing season.