Since we’re currently living in a frozen vortex, I have been living in loungewear. I’ve gotten to the point in my winter where I will wear a full sweatsuit to class and have zero shame about it because it’s negative thirty degrees outside. I’ve actually noticed that some of my peers have been joining me in this “dress down” and have been choosing comfort over style. I think though, why do you have to choose just one?

Can’t your comfy sweatwear be stylish too?

When I wear my sweatsuits out, I always make sure to dress my outfit up by making my hair look as if I didn’t just get out of bed, putting a little bit of makeup on to wake up my face, and rocking some cool shoes and a nice bag. This is how I manage to keep looking stylish and put together while wearing sweatpants out of the house. I know — it’s amazing.

Depending on where you work — you likely won’t be able to get away will a full sweatsuit on the job, but make sure to keep an eye out for cool sweatshirts because those are still super comfy and easy to pair with some cool jeans or even work pants.

One thing you MUST keep in mind when debating incorporating sweatwear into your outfit is occasion. A date night with a new guy would not be the right time to show up in a hoodie in sweats (unless you want to give off the vibe that you do not give a flying fuck). Sweatwear can be worn as streetwear for almost all your everyday tasks, but for nighttime outings or formal occasions please do not wear a hoodie and blame it on this article.

In this article I’m going to introduce you guys to some of my favorite loungewear brands and pieces and tell you how you can make them streetstyle ready!


Shadow Hill is a loungewear company that is super celeb-loved, the Kardashians, Jenners, Hadids, Olivia Jade and many more big names in the world of stardom have been caught in some of these sweatshirts. The clothing is supposed to be SUPER comfy which is a huge plus.


This hoodie is super cute because firstly its black (and black goes with everything), but it also incorporates tons of the latest trends like lightning bolts and neon colors. I would pair this with some leggings, jeans, or even joggers and a cool pair of sneakers to make it streetwear approved!


These black thermal sweats stand out a ton for me because of the bottom detailing. The custom thermal cuffs at the bottom are cream colored so they will for sure stand out. You would need to wear a low top sneaker with these (Supergas are super basic but would look amazing), and I would try to match the cuff with a cream colored loose T shirt or long sleeve shirt. Your legs will thank you for protecting them from the cold winter.


Revolve is like my dream closet, if I had enough money, I would probably buy everything on the website (for sure the loungewear section). I love their clothes because the loungewear items they carry actually are meant to work for streetwear too!


If you live in a warmer climate, this set is perfect for you. Light pink is so in right now, and all the amazing detailing on this set really takes it up a level from sweatwear straight to streetwear. The pants flare at the bottom which makes them a little fancier and more stylish than cuffed bottoms (at least in my opinion). The bottoms also have a super cute velvet trim on the side and the top has really stepped it up with the ruffles on the sleeves.


Velour is back in baby! And I am so ready to whip out my Juicy Couture tracksuits. But before I go there, this electric blue crew neck pullover is amazing. It is dressy enough to wear out even to a nice dinner if you match it with a cute jean and heel. The color just pops and makes the sweater super chic.


Thursdays is my all-time fave store in Toronto, and they just recently launched their international online website and have been doing so well. The whole concept of the store is that every week on Thursday they come out with a whole new selection of clothing items. They don’t just sell loungewear, they have some other amazing stuff too, but I am obsessed with their loungewear. I’m currently wearing a matching star tracksuit that I bought from them while I am writing this article!


This neon green hoodie is amazing. I’m telling you right now — neon is the new black. That’s super sad for me to hear because all I wear is black, but I just have a gut feeling that neon is going to take over the world of fashion this year. That’s why I think this sweatshirt is amazing. The arms also have really nice cuffing detail which just takes it up to another level. You could pair this with some joggers or sweatpants to run a few errands or even dress it up a bit with some black jeans!


One of the things that I love most about Thursdays is their sets. They sell sweatsuits as sets, so you get both a top and bottom! This one is super cute because it’s simple and classic but has really cool side detailing. I would wear this set as it is and add some neutral sneakers on the bottom for a super cute outfit. You’ll look really put together because both items match!


This teddy hoodie looks SO COMFORTABLE. Plus, it’s black so you can pretty much wear it with anything. They styled it with blue jeans on the website and I think that would be the perfect way to wear it. A nice black boot and purse would also just take the outfit to a whole new level.


Aritzia is so classic, but it has such amazing basics and the comfiest sweatwear.


This hoodie is called the perfect hoodie for a reason, it is perfect. All the colors are super cool, and it is the comfiest and flattering thing that I have ever worn. You can pair it with literally anything, I like how it’s long, so it covers your butt! I would pair with a cute pair of leather pants to dress the classic hoodie up a little bit.


RE/DONE is probably my favorite brand at the moment. Not only are their jeans to die for, but they sell such amazing t-shirts and sweatwear, super comfy and super cute!


This green pullover is so cute, and I love the branding/logo on it! It shows that you’re environmentally friendly and stylish!

That’s all for me now! Hope you stay warm AND cute with these style tips!

By: Emmy Goodman