Spring is around the corner…which means we are that much closer to making poor decisions while blacking out on a rooftop patio by 3pm. However, these day drinking temperatures call for a graceful goodbye to the days of hibernating indoors. The demise of winter makes it no longer acceptable to live in oversized sweatshirts and yoga pants. So, book yourself a spa day because it is time to get your shit together, gain some class, and start looking half-decent.

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The only way to mark your comeback to the world is via a glamorous Instagram, duh. It’s pretty straight-forward. You’ll rack up those likes with the most basic photo of you looking cute, in ultimate spring mode, sipping on a fancy cocktail with hair-done, nails-done, everything did (S/O to Drake). But you know, it is strictly for the ‘gram. Hopefully people won’t confuse your bubbly demeanour on social media as an invitation for unnecessary interaction (which we managed to strategically avoid all winter long).

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Anyway, while there are some lucky bitches that can get away with keeping their hair au naturale, there is nothing worse than unkept fingertips. Fugly nails = social suicide (that’s just like the rules of feminism). And as much as it sucks to spend two hours forced to communicate with a foreign stranger who questions your non-existent boyfriend more than your family during Thanksgiving dinner, it is absolutely no excuse. Unless you want to look like a peasant, your nails should always look as fab as your outfit.

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But, every chic gal knows that a trip to the nail salon goes beyond just picking a polish colour. Last season’s trend of marbled nails is getting old, especially considering the rather odd desire of matching a bathroom countertop. With all these cray beauty trends out there, it is safe to say that simplicity is key when it comes to nail art. Symmetrical lines and colour blocking is good way to add a unique touch without going overboard.



pink nails

A ballerina pink is a classic choice for spring, but it is also boring AF. Look for more of a pastel hue, as a great way to welcome the warmer weather. Essie is the OG for pastel shades and they always look ah-maze.



French manicures are questionable. Sometimes it is a clean and elegant choice, but it could also give off junior prom vibes (TBD). Instead, swap the typical white tips with some glitter for an edgier take on the look.


chrome nails

Matte nails are officially outdated, and chrome is now leading the way. At first glance, shiny metallic tones look extra AF, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Opt for a holographic and iridescent polish to blind any incoming ha8ers with your claws.


nude nails

If you’re someone who settles for the bare minimum, a low-key nude is always a clean look for your nails. Incredibly subtle, but oh-so-classy. According to the latest gossip on the royal family, nude nails is Queen Elizabeth’s only liking. So, who are we to doubt the Queen?

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So ladies, let your nails do the talking. And hopefully you know better than to agree to any tacky holiday design that your nail lady might insist on. Because those will only impress your 4 year old cousin at Easter. There is a fine line between trashy and chic when it comes to nail choices.