Putting your daily routine on hold when on vacation is inevitable. As we all know, a good trip consists of eating, drinking, relaxing, and of course, getting those amazing photos for your Instagram feed.

No matter how much we love it, every vacation has to come to an end. We’ve all experienced the post-vacation blues and getting back to the everyday things that you love (or hate) can be daunting.

To make sure your post-vacation transition is easier, maintaining a small part of your routine, like working out, is important. These four workout studios are perfect for travelling, as locations are locally and globally available.


Soul Cycle

Soul cycle is one of the most popular studios right now and has attracted thousands of new cycling fans. Even if you have never tried cycling, you will be hooked after one class. From social media influencers to workout fanatics, everyone that comes here leaves feeling positive, clear-minded, and accomplished. Soul cycle offers locations in most major cities and daily classes. So if you have an extra hour on your trip to spare, a class here is a must.

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Free yoga class on Sunday’s!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk Lululemon. This well-known clothing and lifestyle brand is another great place to find a workout while you are away. A classic meeting place for yoga and runner lovers alike, Lululemon doesn’t simply offer great workout gear and inspirational quotes. If you do some digging on their website and social media pages, you will learn that they also have workout communities that promote yoga classes and running groups.

Since locations can be found throughout North America and Europe, I recommend that you check out your local store (or wherever you are travelling) to see if those locations offer classes.

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crossfit GIFLooking for an intense sweat session? CrossFit is the answer. This workout studio focuses on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts to make sure that you get the best calorie-burn possible.

While trying to break the boundaries of health and fitness, CrossFit is supported by its many dedicated clients. With its focus on health, fitness, nutrition, and inclusiveness, this studio has transformed the way a lot of people think about their workouts.

If you are not be able to find the original studio location, there are lots of different studios that focus on similar HIIT style workouts and maintain the same values in health and fitness. And in 2020, Crossfit is starting its ‘Sanctionals Season’ which involves a competition of 28 events in 21 different countries almost every weekend around the world. So, if you are really into this style of workout, you might be interested in this competition!



As you’ve probably seen on Instagram, this new workout class has gained a lot of attention within the past few months. They define themselves as a training network that focuses on motivating people to try the most effective and current workouts to date, with a team training mindset. The CEO’s of F45 had one goal in mind when launching the brand; being able to take the best kinds of workout and shape them into everyday practices. You can find locations worldwide as they continue to expand in the fitness world!

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