Idk if it’s something in the pumpkin spice lattes or what- but there’s no denying cuffing season is a real thing. If you have happened to find your usually single commitment-phobe self in a relationship recently, it may be difficult to determine if he’s just using you as a human blanket or if he’s in it for the long run. Sorry to break it to you, but here are five tell-tale signs you’re just being “cuffed”

He hasn’t introduced you to his family (or friends)

The winter months come with many family holidays and activities (thanksgiving, christmas etc.) that if he hasn’t brought you along, he’s probably not serious about your relationship. This is especially true if you have introduced him to your family and he hasn’t done the same. Bottom line is, if he cares at all about you, he’d want you to show you off to his family. If he hasn’t even introduced you to his friends- gurrrrrrrllllll, what are you thinking? You’re a booty call.

No Long term plans

By long term plans I don’t mean like marriage or what your first born child is going to be named- I’m referring simply to the lack of any plans after the winter months. He hasn’t talked about going up to his cottage next summer or made plans to go to that Drake concert with you in May. If a guy is really into you he will try to lock you down by making long term plans with you, it’s a way for him to ensure the relationship lasts and that you won’t leave him for any other bro.

Your dates are netflix and chill

If your “dates” consist of you guys choosing what shitty scary movie you guys are going to watch and then ordering in takeout- it’s a textbook cuffing season relationship. He just wants someone to stay in with him and binge watch stranger things in his sweatpants when it’s too cold to make it out to the bar. Also, news flash, netflix and chill is not a date.

Sex is the foundation of your relationship

I mean, this is pretty fucking obvious but if he seems like he’s just DTF, your relationship won’t last long. A lot of sex is great and all but it’s not enough to be the sole factor keeping you two together. Come spring, he’ll realize soon enough all he wants is sex out of you two and your “cuffing relationship” will turn into you being fuck buddies or simply non-existent.

He seems shady AF

If he’s ghosting you in the beginning of your relationship what makes you think he’s not going to be an actual ghost come spring? The beginning of a relationship is when a guy is supposed to be the most charming version of himself to woo you, so if he’s treating you like shit and has a wandering eye now, it’s only going to get worse in the coming months.

Moral of the story is cuffing relationships suck and you should avoid them like the plague. I, for one, have never fully understood the phenomena that is cuffing season. To me, relationships should not be affected by the seasons- if you’re cold don’t get a boyfriend, buy a fucking canada goose and get on with your life. Why put effort into a relationship if it’s not going to last? I’m getting along juuuuust fine binge watching netflix by myself, thanks.