If you didn’t already know – Sephora is having one of its TWO sales of the year. That is correct, Sephora basically never has any sales. Everything at Sephora is on sale, now until May 6th! So – this is literally my favourite time of the year, better than Christmas (Hannukah for me), better than my birthday (which actually happens to fall during this Sephora sale), and even better than spring break (and I live in Canada, so getting to escape the cold for a week of sunshine is pretty damn exciting.)

If you’re like me and spend all of your money on skincare and beauty products, you are probably a rouge member. Sephora Rogue members get 20% off when they use the code: HEYROUGE. For regular VIB members, the sale is actually from May 2 through May 6 (one of the perks that rouge members get is a longer sale). Their savings are 15% off storewide when using the code: HEYVIB. Regular Beauty Insiders (how have you not spent more money at Sephora this year, I wish I had your will power) will get 10% off during May 2 through May 6. VIB members will use the code: HEYINSIDER.

No matter what level Sephora member you are (being a beauty insider is free to sign up for, so you get 10% off no matter what), you are saving money! Skincare and makeup can get pretty expensive so even 10% will make a difference, especially since a ton of these brands are never on sale.


So I obviously had to start with my all time favourite thing to shop for ever. I think of it this way – I would rather spend money on skincare trying to make my face not need as much makeup so I don’t have to spend as much on makeup! So really I’m saving money… right? The first thing that I’ve been dying to grab is the Glam Glow ThirstyMud Mask, I tried a sample of this the other day and the thing that I really loved about this was that it didn’t just hydrate my skin, but it plumped it and even cleared it up a little bit which is almost unheard of for a hydrating mask! I want to get the value size (because I’m extra of course) because I’ve heard that people use this as an everyday moisturizer and that is something I could definitely get on board with because this mask is amazing.

Next in my cart is the Tatcha The Essence Plumping Skin Softener, I have read some pretty stellar reviews on this, and I have never tried an essence before. Tatcha is such a great brand, but the products are definitely not cheap so picking them up during a sale is for sure a good call. This product goes on after toner and before anything else and apparently, you cannot use this with a cotton pad as you would with toner, you use your hands! Also – it’s supposed to supercharge any skincare that you put on top of it, so I am down for that for sure. How this works you may ask, I am not sure.

Next up on my list is the Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum by Farmacy. It’s an acidic serum and the acid helps to clear up your skin and let you wake up with that glowing from within look. My skins texture has not been right recently and I think this is the type of thing that can fix that up! I’m not someone who has suffered any really bad acne, just your average pimple every now and again – so I find that my biggest skin concern is texture! Especially in the summer when I try not to wear as much face makeup, texture is so important!


Next up is the makeup! And it’s almost summer so this is probably my favorite makeup season (I’m totally making makeup seasons up I think but correct me if I’m wrong). I love doing my makeup in the summer because when I am tanned I literally just look 100 times better. I’m not kidding at all. But obviously I still love makeup and want to compliment my nice tan with some good glowy looks. One thing that I’ve been meaning to grab for a while is the On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator by Wander Beauty. I think the colours are stunning – I want the Coral Rose/ Nude Glow really badly because I think it looks so summer and similar to Orgasm by Nars which is my favourite blush colour of all time.

Next up is the Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder by Marc Jacobs, it’s very new and one color is already sold out! So like obviously I need this in my life?????? It’s said to be “A blurring, touch-up powder in a chic compact with a built-in brush that sets, blurs, and reduces the look of shine, perfect for on the go.” according to Sephora, and like I need this in my LIFE. So anyway, I think this is the perfect summer product because it’s super easy if you don’t want to put on any foundation. If you bring this with you you’ll always be looking oil free.

Okay – if I were to tell you about all the makeup I want we would be here literally forever, instead of doing that I’m going to show you a few of my next wants and a nice GIF to complement each one.

Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty

BACKSTAGE Glow Face Palette by Dior

Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer by Fenty Beauty


I just recently got highlights and I have been loving my hair color, but now I find my hair to feel super dry (but also slightly oily too?) and I’m just fed up with it! The Briogeo Superfoods Hair Pack smells to die for and helps protect the earth against environmental damage so like wow?? This shampoo somehow keeps hair hydrated but not oily and I am all for it.

These Small Slipsilk Scrunchies are super overpriced for hair ties but also like stunning and I’ve heard they are good for your hair! I’ve also heard some rumors that they don’t dent/imprint your hair which would be unreal! Who knows if that’s true – but if I’m going to buy $50 scrunchies I may as well get them on sale!

This Flight Club Dry Shampoo Travel Set by IGK is just what I need right now. I’m trying to teach my hair to last longer between showers and have been needing a good dry shampoo. I’ve tried the heaviest duty of the three and while I thought my hair was pretty greasy I actually found that this one was almost too strong (not in a bad way though). I think this trio is perfect because you can try out all three and use whichever you need based off of how oily your hair is!


I love Moroccan oil, I was one of those girls who like doused their hair in it while they were in middle school. This body buff is perfect for giving you that smooth skin you’ll want to show off all summer! It smells very citrusy and fruity which I love, but it’s not too strong which is also great if you want to layer perfume on top.

This AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum by REN also smells super orangey and amazing but also does wonders for my skin. For some odd reason, I was blessed with the driest skin which can get bumpy very fast if not treated well every day! This serum saved my life, a little goes a long way, it goes on super easily and quickly and doesn’t require any wait time for drying! So I can put it on right after the shower and then get dressed right away!

I’m not sure if this is just my mom, but my mom loves this Sugar Lemon Body Lotion. She buys it for everyone as gifts, and we have like a stockpile of ten in my house somewhere. The thing is, it’s actually an amazing but underrated body lotion. It’s so light that it dries super quickly on the skin, doesn’t leave skin sticky or slimy in any way, just super hydrated and soft. It smells to die for and lasts a super long time! Everything you could ever ask for in a body lotion.