If you’re craving some tequila and sunshine, then you must be smelling the forthcoming spring break. It is a sacred milestone in everybody’s college career, where you are destined to make some pretty bad decisions that may or may not haunt you for the rest of your life. So hopefully you’ve already been working on prepping that bikini bod, because the countdown to spring break is officially underway (and might be the only thing keeping us sane rn).

These are truly the glory days – because somehow our society has ruled it an obligation for our parents to pay thousands to jet us off to a tropical island, where snorting molly off a frat boy in the hotel lobby is totally not frowned upon. So, recruit a squad of other like-minded hoes and prepare for one hell of a blurry week, damaging your liver with a daily calorie intake of pure alcohol. Spring breaking is a rite of passage, and the only time you’ll ever be encouraged to ditch all your etiquette, morals and dignity.

You can pretty much expect things to get very ratchet (Jersey Shore level), because thats hard to avoid when you’re waking up to an open bar and booty-shaking contests on the beach. Whether you’re the girl that makes out with the entire FSU Sigma-Chi chapter, or the one that has to do a walk-of-shame out of a sketchy Mexican hospital after getting their stomach pumped, it will be iconic. You might come home with zero recollection of your week (probably a good thing), but at least you’re promised a nice tan and enough Instagrams to last you the year.

So hopefully you’ve got your Despacito lyrics on point by now, because its either that or James Franco’s mantra “spraaaang break forever” that’ll be on repeat, all week long. But for those who have yet to decide on their destination for spring break, here are our top choices:


Cancun is the OG spring break spot. It is legendary for its all-inclusive packages and booze cruises along the gulf of Mexico. You’ll be double fisting-mojitos from the moment you wake up, because there’s a higher chance of poisoning yourself with the local tap water than the alcohol.


If you insist on a more “cultured” spring break experience, Ibiza is a hotspot for lavish beach bars, epic parties and world-class European DJs. So if you’re the trendiest bitch in the league, this is your calling. You’ll return home with a newfound appreciation for shirtless Spanyards and boho-elegance.


Miami is a classic choice for those who are looking for an ideal mix of everything – great food, thriving nightlife, chic hotels and great shopping. Home to the most exclusive nightclubs and the trendiest beach clubs, Miami never disappoints. Start DMing your promoter the week before. 

For the most legendary spring break experience, the only advice we can give you, is a few words to live by: hangovers are for quitters.

By: Sasha Ialova