I’m sure you all know this by now but – we are in Holiday season! Everywhere I look it’s like everyone has gone straight from living their boring regular lives to posting Instagram stories with those Pillsbury Christmas cookies by the fire watching Christmas movies on their TVs which are surrounded by wreaths upon wreaths of holiday décor.

I know what you are thinking, those stories are so fucking annoying.  BUT, since we’re now entering holiday season, I thought it’s only right to share a My Therapist Says Beauty gift guide, providing you with the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Click the images for links!

We know what everyone wants – from your boyfriend, to your mom, to your little sister who doesn’t deserve a gift because she steals all of your things anyways. We have got you covered.


Show your bestie how much you love them by getting them something that they wouldn’t usually buy themselves!

This is the perfect gift for a best friend, it contains all the Maison Margiela scents (which are all amazing btw) in perfect little mini spray bottles.  These are perfect to keep in all your purses, jackets, car, room, ANYWHERE because they’re mini sized and can save you from a smelly situation post gym. My fave scents are Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday Morning, and By the Fireplace. I love them all because they each are the perfect scent for a specific situation.

FOR: Your secret Santa

Secret Santa sucks. We’ve all had to suffer through the horrors of secret Santa over the years. The worst is when you get stuck buying a gift for someone when you have literally no idea what they like/want.

You cannot go wrong buying someone candles. I know it may seem like a boring gift, but I swear everybody loves a good scented candle. Especially during the cold winter, and if you’re in college/university it’s a super great way to set the study sesh mood in your potentially dull cold room. These 3 Voluspa candles all smell different but so amazing. The French Cade and Lavender is my fave because lavender is a super calming scent, it’s perfect for your self-care Sunday routine. I also included a set with different scents and slightly different packaging, from Nordstrom, just in case you want to take the safe route and include a vanilla scented candle instead.

FOR: Your BF

Does your boyfriend ever use some of your beauty products when he comes over? Guys do love a good moisturizer!

Kiehls is my go-to for men because of their super easy to use products, their super simple packaging, and the fact that have a line just for men. This moisturizer is made just for men and it keeps their faces super smooth, moisturized, and shine free! Boys are crazy – you would think they have a moisturizer but honestly, I think most of the boys I know probably use body lotion on their faces…

FOR: Your dad

My dad never stops making fun of me for using a million face masks every Sunday night and claiming that I’m being productive. The one thing about buying beauty products for your dad is that you have to get him something that is easy for him to use or he’ll likely never use it.

This body scrub bar from Kiehl’s is the perfect gift for your dad! He probably already uses a body soap bar in the shower anyways, so this is an easy replacement that will get your dad secretly excited about skin care. It makes you feel super clean and smells amazing, your dad will thank you even if he doesn’t admit it. It would make a perfect addition to his gift or a stocking stuffer.

FOR: Your mom

I buy my mom beauty products every year and she NEVER opens them up. My mom is very #nomakeup #nofilter #naturalbeauty which means she hates putting anything on her face or body that isn’t 100% natural. Here’s where you should do your research (or just let us do our and read on) into a cool new natural product that she’ll actually want to try.

This face mask by Summer Fridays is the perfect holiday gift for someone who is conscious about the ingredients because it’s super clean. It’s a face mask but can also be used as a moisturizer so it’s perfect for everyone! It feels so good on your skin and it’s literally called the Jet Lag mask which makes it PERFECT if you’re traveling with your family over the holiday. My mom would likely test this out and become obsessed because of how smooth and soft it makes your skin feel. It’s awesome even if your mom isn’t obsessed with #natural products like mine is.

FOR: Your brother

Does anyone else have a brother who is legit so low maintenance that they seem to just wake up and be ready to do anything?? I do – and it’s so annoying because I’m always the one getting yelled at to hurry up when I’m not ready for a spontaneous family trip to the Christmas Market.

Honestly, I think if I got my brother a straight up beauty product, he would never even open it. When we were at the Toronto Christmas Market one of the vendors (according to the Christmas Market, it’s the most profitable vendor at the market) was 6ix man, a beauty brand specifically for men! This is not sponsored but my brother bought like all of their products and LOVES them. They all smell super manly and amazing and the hair products seem super cool. Hair pomade is an awesome gift for any guy (unless the guy is bald but hopefully your brother isn’t there yet).

FOR: Your sister

If your sister is like mine and literally steals everything you own, it probably means she’ll like anything you get her. But – it could be a good time to introduce her to something new (that you secretly want) because you know you have the leverage to borrow it whenever you want.  

This limited edition (fingers crossed it’s not already sold out) NARS Ignite Eyeshadow Palette is to die for. I love the variety of shades in this palette. It’s a perfect day-to-night, multi-purpose eyeshadow. It’s small yet has all the eye shadow you need (base, transition and dark colors), which makes it perfect for travel. This is the perfect gift for a sister because you can borrow it anytime. It’s also has super sleek packaging and looks so pretty.

SO – We hope this gift guide helps you get the perfect gift/stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. Let us know if you get any of these gifts and how much your friends and fam love you for getting them.


By: Emmy Goodman