About Mytherapistsays

It all started when...

Four girls had a group chat where they sent eachother hilarious memes that depicted their everyday debauchery and life. Two of those girls decided in their spare time to give a go at creating their own memes instead of using someone elses, and thats the story of MTS... Lola and Nicole created an anonymous meme account, @MyTherapistSays, for fun and to keep in touch by sharing funny memes with each other. Within a few months, it amassed a large following by millennials who related to what the girls had to say, their sense of humour, struggles with anxiety, growing up in the social media generation, and figuring your life out in general. 

Having grown so quickly and found a following worldwide, it turned into a real familial community where people from all walks of life came to share their stories, and feel that now, they were not alone. 

After two years of running the account anonymously, the girls were encouraged by Lola’s sisters, Nora and Gina as well as many of their followers to finally reveal themselves in a profile by Cosmopolitan magazine. 

As @MyTherapistSays grew into something bigger than anything Lola or Nicole could have imagined, Nora and Gina officially joined the team to help run the company. The message has always stayed the same: no matter who you are, dealing with all the tribulations of life, you're never alone and never as batshit as you think.

Nicole Argiris, Lola Tash, Gina Tash, Nora Tash

Nicole Argiris, Lola Tash, Gina Tash, Nora Tash