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Alexi Alonso

King of collaborations,  Jeremy Scott, is bringing haute couture to the masses. The Moschino x H&M collection will be sold online and in selected stores starting November 8. 

jeremy scott moschino hm

For those of us struggling to check our bank statement Sunday nights after a weekend of losing your phone, purse, and self dignity, this cost friendly Moschino x H&M collection is for you. 

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Jeremy Scott embodies the message of equality and diversity by making a special collection of Moschino to be sold at H&M. Everyone will be able to wear the clothes of the exuberant designer and we aren’t even mad about it. Usually in the past when exclusive luxury brands make their pieces not-so-exclusive by opening them up to larger stores it tends to slightly mess up their brand image. However, Scott perfectly executes this collection by matching it with the original style of the Italian fashion house, Moschino.  

moschino hm jeremy scott

Jeremy Scott thrives off inspiration. Something we all need Monday morning in the office after the 2nd cup of coffee. The collection is refreshing with many patterns and characters as per usual when it comes to the creatively colorful Moschino. Will he be the one to change street style as a whole? Once this enters H&M its over for you bitches.

moschino hm jeremy scott

View the whole collection here

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