Last night was the Met Gala aka the Super Bowl for the rich and fashionable. This year’s theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’. It was the best Met Gala in recent history, with a really easy to execute theme, so how could people get this so wrong? The stars on our worst-dressed list better be asking for the Holy Father and Anna Wintour to forgive them, because boy, did their outfits sin.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Even though SJP is never one to take a Met Gala theme lightly, this outfit was outright awful. Yeah, the theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, but she shouldn’t have interpreted it so heavily and come dressed as an entire Nativity scene. Also, I wonder how much Advil she popped last night because that headpiece must’ve given her a migraine.

Kendall Jenner


First of all, I don’t get why Kendall isn’t smiling in this photo. I mean, she’s the only member of the Kardashian Klan who didn’t need a babysitter to attend last night’s festivities.  Secondly, this outfit just makes Kendall look like a couture Casper the Friendly Ghost, and we don’t back it. As beautiful as she looks, these pants look super annoying and I’m not even the one wearing them. Also, way to ignore the theme. Oh wait, I guess she decided to look as bland as a communion wafer.

Selena Gomez


Has Selena Gomze been okay since her breakup(s) from The Weeknd/The Biebs??? Asking for a friend. She came to the Met Gala rocking a piece of lingerie and a spray tan that looks like it had been done by a 7 year old. This dress looks a million sizes too big on her, and makes her boobs look like they belong to a 60-year old. Poor girl literally looks like she escaped a hospital and is going through a rough patch. The hair, the god awful make up (throwback to my freshman year cleopatra phase), the ancient looking negligee gown… I honestly would’ve stayed home. This whole mess breaks my heart since i know that Sel is capable of killing it on the carpet. This look wont make any of her many exes miss her. 

Kylie Jenner


Did Kylie even dress up for the Met Gala? The top of her dress and her sunglasses just scream classic Calabasas look. This dress actually has 0 relation to theme at all,  but props to her though, cause her post baby body looks bangin’.

Ruth Negga


Was this the Met Gala, or an installment of Star Words? Ruth Negga’s dress is channeling her inner Princess Leia vibes and not in the same way that Rachel from Friends did that one time. This dress is also super frumpy and ill-fitting, which most definietely is not showing off her heavenly body.

Emma Stone


We all know that The Greatest Showman was the MVP of 2017 but that doesn’t give Emma Stone the excuse to dress up like she belongs in the circus as a conductor. The buttons of her dress also look like they could come undone at any moment, and a naked moment at the Met Gala ensures you won’t be invited back. This hurts me because usually Emma is the chicest girl in any room. Maybe she confused the theme?

Scarlett Johansson


NO, SCAR-JO, JUST NO. The only thing that I have to say about this dress other than the fact, that she looks like a used tampon. That is all. (Also it was made by Marchesa, Harvey Weinstein’s ex wife’s label which most celebs have shunned since his scandal broke, so what kind of a statement is ScarJo making in this mess of a dress?)

Gisele Bundchen


Gisele’s outfit looks like she belongs in the hands of The Shape of Water cast as their Best Picture Oscar, rather than as a guest at the Met Gala. Her posing is super fierce and all, but she just looks like she decided to make a last minute dress out of an old table cloth. You’d think that someone who looks like her would be able to pull any dress off but not so much. But it is eco friendly so I guess it has that going for it. She kind of looks like the woodland creatures helped her make this budget Cinderella dress.

Amal Clooney


You would expect the wife of the guy that proclaimed himself to be the ‘Uber-Bachelor’ to wear something super hot, but clearly, Amal missed the memo. The bottom of her dress looks like a Peacock, why the fuck is she wearing pants, and her top screams tin man. If only I had a heart, maybe I could find it in me to say she looked nice, but I don’t, so I won’t.

Kate Moss


Kate Moss, welcome back! After 9 long years away from the Met Gala, she may have been back, but Kate was most definitely not better than ever. Her dress looks like something I would’ve worn to a bat mitzvah, but she threw the feathers on to try and stay relevant, which she most definitely is not. However, I kind of admire the general “IDGAF”-ness of this look. 

Shailene Woodley


Imagine coming to a party dressed in a cheaper, uglier version of an outfit someone else is wearing. I’m sorry Shailene, but nobody can come close to Zendaya as Joan of Arc. Poor Shailene just looks like a DIY budget version of Zendaya’s costume. Party City Joan of Arc? A mix of Lord Farquad and the tin man? I can’t even. Please fire your stylist.