The most important night in fashion has come and gone, the 2018 Met Gala. The Met Gala is an annual fashion event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by THE most intimidating fashion dictator, Anna Wintour. This years theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, and while some celebrities went all out, others should’ve just stayed home. (Ahem, this isn’t the teen choice awards, Kendall Jenner.) Let’s just say, I’m also honestly surprised a VS model didn’t show up naked. One thing is for sure- it was the year of the headpieces. There were crowns, hats, halo’s, and um, other unidentified objects pertruding from heads (See: Frances McDormand). Here are a list of the most stunning looks of the night that have made me want to become religious- church Sunday anyone?

Rihanna in John Galliano


ALL HAIL POPE RIHANNA. (Sorry Pope Francis, you’ve been dethroned) Ok but seriously where do I sign up for the Church of Rihanna because I am READY to convert. Rihanna always makes the met gala theme her bitch. The intricate pearl and crystal beading is perfection and her headpiece made all the other headpieces somehow look basic. Rihanna is the met gala. 

Lily Collins in Givenchy

Heavenly-Bodies-Fashion-The-Catholic-Imagination-Costume-Institute-Gala-Arrivals (1).jpg

Lily Collins channeling “Our Lady of Sorrows”- basically a chic AF emo nun. She managed to pull off the nun look without making it look like a slutty halloween costume. Her single jewel blood tear tells me Lily didn’t come to play this year. She killed it. 

Stella Maxwell in Moschino


Stella stunned in this bright column dress looking like a walking Chateau de Versailles. So pleasantly surprised with Moschino who I find usually takes the overly tacky route at these events. There’s a lot going on with the repetition of Madonna visages on the dress but somehow it just works. Also, loving the medieval princess style hair- now someone pass me my hair gummy vitamins.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren


Rosie is the style angel of the night. Her champagne beaded dress and sheer cape silhouette looked ethereal as she strutted around. And that halo!! So minimalistic and chic. I guess you can take a girl off of the Victorias Secret Runway, but you can’t take the inner angel out of her.

Bella Hadid in Chrome Hearts


Bella took a more gothic approach to the theme and she slayed it. She looks badass yet very high-fashion. But honestly I can’t stare at her too long because her piercing gaze in that outfit looks like she’s about to murder me. Looks can kill, people. 

Anna Wintour in Chanel


Anna showing us all how it’s done- how easy it is to follow the theme but still look cute. The priest-like collar and cross necklace was apt for the evening- Vogue is our bible and Anna is our high priestess. 

Kim Kardashian in Versace

Heavenly-Bodies-Fashion-The-Catholic-Imagination-Costume-Institute-Gala (1).jpg
Heavenly-Bodies-Fashion-The-Catholic-Imagination-Costume-Institute-Gala (2).jpg
Heavenly-Bodies-Fashion-The-Catholic-Imagination-Costume-Institute-Gala (3).jpg

OK so Kim barely followed the theme- it’s more like a lazy halloween costume where she quickly stuck crosses on her dress, However, I still had to include her because girl just looked THAT good. Her body has never looked better. Her 90s inspired makeup was pristine. Her hair looked long and silky. Her glowing skin was dripping in Versace gold. Flaw-fucking-less. 

Zendaya in Versace


Zendaya gave us Joan of Arc realness in this armour inspired Versace gown. Such a bold move and she managed to pull it off, unlike some people (looking at you, Shailene Woodley). The way it just drapes on her makes it look more feminine and only a face like Zendaya’s can pull off that hair. Slayyy warrior queen.

Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta


Virgin Mary is SHOOK. Kate looks divine in her bridal-esque look featuring a pearl encrusted white veil. Also, love her makeup, especially the blush- simple yet so beautiful.

Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung


Loved her dark make-up juxtaposed against her heavenly all-white look. Hailee is another one that didn’t really go all out with the theme but she looked hot so I have to give it to her. 

Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier


This theme was basically made for Madonna. She spent the entirety of her career dressing up for this. Like a prayer, hello? (which she performed last night btw) We knew Madonna wasn’t coming to play and she didn’t. She wore her usual rosary necklaces, but amped it up with a fishnet veil and crown. Love.

Amber Heard in Carolina Herrera

Heavenly-Bodies-Fashion-The-Catholic-Imagination-Costume-Institute-Gala-Arrivals (3).jpg

God is a woman and her name is Amber Heard. Loved everything about her look from her eye-catching bright red dress to the gold painted in her hair. She also had one of my favorite headpieces of the night. On theme without being too try-hard.

Beyonce in ???

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 5.45.12 PM.png

Ok but best dressed of the night goes to Beyonce who went as the Holy Ghost. But no really, where the fuck was she? It’s not the met gala without her and her fun elevator scandals. Come back, Bey, we miss you.

*Honourable mentions include Cara Delevigne, J.Lo, Blake Lively, Olivia Munn, Amanda Seyfried, Priyanka Chopra