To each and every one of you: I declare the rest of 2019 to be a time of joy, fortune and fun f***ing times spent with those you love.

I swear every year around the mark of the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana, I start to feel some type of way. I’m finally ready to get my s*** together (for real this time). There’s something about fall that always puts me back on track.

I recently saw a quote that put me in my place. Here it goes…

“Everything changes when you begin to love yourself. You no longer send out energy of desperation or need to be filled from the outside. You become a powerful source within yourself that attracts better. The more you love who you are, the less you seek validation and approval.” 

Self-love has always been a difficult topic for me to navigate. But recently, I have realized, the best way to love others and feel loved is to love yourself first. And that means taking the best care of yourself – no matter the circumstances. For me, self-love is actively taking care of my body, both physically and mentally. I have learned to use fitness as an outlet to release negative emotions, experiences and anything that was standing in the way of my success. I am educating myself on how to nourish my body, both internally and externally. I invest in products that I know will boost my long-term success or happiness. I put my all into everything I do – whether it be an assignment, helping a friend or advocating for issues I feel close to. And finally, I have learned to love others with everything I have.

If I can leave you guys with anything, it is to not be so hard on yourself. Everyone AND I MEAN EVERYONE, has some of their own s*** going on. You never know what the shy girl or the bully is experiencing behind closed doors. Treat others with kindness and compassion – I promise you it will pay off. Ask questions, check up on your quiet friends, your loud friends and even your outspoken friends. Make sure everyone you love in your life is being taken care of. But most importantly, allow time to be selfish. You must always be your own #1 priority. Take time for yourself.

  • Unplug
  • Listen to your favourite playlist
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Go on a walk
  • Eat healthily and mindfully
  • Write down three things each morning you are grateful for

And finally, I leave to you, yet another considerably inspiring quote I stumbled upon on my Instagram explore page.

“6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and desire. You have what it takes to becomes the best that you can be. Don’t doubt yourself. Harness your power. Exceed your expectations.”

Now go out there and f***ing kill it. You are bigger than what is making you anxious.