Let’s be real, we all love to dress slutty. I mean it’s basically the sole reason we still celebrate Halloween. Dressing like a slut is an art form. There’s a veeery fine line between looking hot AF and like you’re working a street corner. You want your outfit to say you’ll go home with him on the fifth date not the first. The key to introducing lingerie pieces and the like is by pairing it with something that would usually be considered conservative- like a blazer. Another key is to focus on one body part to show off- you don’t want to give everything up all at once or else he has nothing to fantasize about and you might as well be naked. Flaunt it but don’t overdo it. We have compiled a few outfit ideas to help you tease him whilst making him think you still have a semblance of dignity. Take notes bitches:

1. Wear just a bra underneath a blazer

Pick your prettiest laciest bra and pair it with an oversized blazer and you’re bound to get a text back from that bro you’ve been eyeing. Be careful though- there’s a way to do this without looking like a secretary from a porno. It’s all about making sure the bra is actually well fitting- wearing just a bra is a bold enough statement, you don’t need to be spilling out. If you have to ask your friend to be on “nipple watch” for you all night- you’re probs doing it wrong.


2. Pair over the knee boots with an oversized sweater

This outfit is basically a stylish walk of shame look. It will make him think of you borrowing his clothes in the morning and it accentuates your legs while doing so. Also, an extra bonus since oversized clothes have a tendency to make us look even skinnier. Yassss.


3. Wear a mesh turtleneck

The contrast of the see-through mesh against this high neckline will confuse him in the best way possible. Men love a bit of mystery and this look makes him wonder if your DTF or not.


4. Bustier with your pants from work

Let him know you’re wearing the pants in the relationship, literally. This look says you mean business and not to fuck with you, but “here take my number!”


5. Focus on detailing

Another way to amp up your sex appeal without looking trashy is by focusing on details that make a man think of sex. Incorporating leather fabrics, leather details and wearing a choker as an accessory will all make him wonder what you’re into in the bedroom.