Halloween is officially around the corner, which means there are two choices: 1) dedicate all your free time to creating a very cool, original costume that someone (read: YOU) will eventually throw up on; or 2) throw some bullshit together last minute and hope it works. If you’re like most people and have procrastinated on your Halloween costume, just like I procrastinated on this article, then fear not!

We here at MTS have you covered with Halloween costume ideas that are on trend with pop culture from 2018.

Stormi Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s not-so-secret pregnancy was definitely the best way to start off a wild year of pop-culture.  Baby Stormi made every Kardashian fan’s heart melt, so this costume will def be one of the cuter (read: not uber-slutty) ones you’ll see on All Hallow’s Eve.

What you’ll need: Nike hightop sneakers, a white halter romper, and black criss-cross details across the chest. Gather your hair in a bun, making sure to show off some baby hairs, and hold a Kylie Lip Kit for good measure.

Cardi B at ‘NYFW’

As you probably heard – and if you didn’t, do you live under a rock? – there was just a tiny scuffle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the Harper’s Bazaar icon party at New York Fashion Week. Specifically, Cardi threw a shoe at Nicki. How classy.

What you’ll need: A red dress (long or short), a bunch of statement necklaces, one high-heeled shoe, and make sure you draw a huge lump on your forehead.

Kanye and Lil’ Pump in the ‘I Love It’ music video

If you don’t want everyone telling you that “you’re such a f*cking ho, and they love it”, then this is the costume for you! This music video took the internet by storm, purely because it was so fucking whack. So your costume should also be so fucking whack.

What you’ll need: a MASSIVE box, and just make everything bigger than your body and you’ll be fine.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

Ah, Hailey Baldwin and the Biebs, 2018’s golden couple. Since their shocking impromptu engagement, this couple has been inseparable. If you and your fuck-buddy/friends with benefits/ boyfriend/husband are looking for a couple costume that’s super-easy, this one should be a no-brainer.

What you’ll need: FOR HAILEY: Athletic pants, cute sports bra, a cropped denim jacket or bomber with striped sleeves, a bling-worthy engagement ring.  FOR JUSTIN: Backwards baseball cap, a blonde wig, baggy basketball shirts, baggy hoodie, and slide sandals with socks.

Incredibles 2

You’d be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t waiting for this movie to come out since you were 10 years old. Get the squad together and dress as the Incredibles, all while looking incredible!

What you’ll need: Black facepaint or a black mask, red longsleeve shirt, back gloves, black boy shorts, red pants or leggings, black shoes, and an Incredibles logo (you can print one from the Internet).

Khabib vs. Conor McGregor

Yay, Sports!!!! Apparently, this fight was a really big deal or something, I don’t fucking know. Anyways, if you’re athletic, here’s a kick-ass costume idea, I guess.

What you’ll need: FOR KHABIB: Big, curly blonde wig, muscle shirt / tank top, big heavyweight belt, and black pants.  FOR CONOR: Fluffy white bathrobe, big-ass tattoos on your chest (temporary, but feel free to get permanent if you’re badass), obnoxiously printed pants, and massive sunglasses.

Post Malone

Post Malone is having a moment in 2018. He went triple platinum, his singles peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and he spent $40,000 on Postmates, making him their number one customer. I just love Post Malone, like, a lot.

What you’ll need: A big flannel shirt, jeans, a can of beer, a cigarette, face tattoos, a beard, and a grill.

Tide Pods

In case you forgot about the great Tide Pod fiasco of 2018, here’s the Sparknotes version. In January, dumbass teenagers started biting into Tide Pods on camera and then posting the videos to social media. This soon became known as the Tide Pod challenge, and countless memes sprung up to make fun of how dumb our future leaders are.

What you’ll need: A plain tshirt, fabric paint or an empty Tide Pod container

Drake and his secret son

Drake shocked the world this summer when he announced he knocked up a random French porn star and was now the father to a nearly one-year old son. We don’t know how music’s most high-profile, and most emotional, rapper managed to keep this news under wraps for so long, but it’s making for a great Halloween costume, so thanks, Drizzy!

What you’ll need: A beard, Timberland boots, and a large OVO sweatshirt or jacket (taping the logo onto other clothes is okay too, we guess), and baby doll tucked into the inside pocket of your OVO swag. Remove the baby from your clothes periodically throughout the night, saying “shhh” each time.


The JUUL is 2018’s newest version of the e-cig. It looks like a USB, but is as skinny as you were in high school. Everyone and their mother has a JUUL, so obviously this costume is a must for this spooky season.

What you’ll need: Black mini dress, DIY Juul Sign, DIY Juul Pod hat

Yodelling Boy:

Only in 2018 can an 11-year old boy yodelling in a Wal-Mart go viral. Honestly, I have no jokes to make about this, because Mason Ramsey is a national treasure.

What you’ll need: Red bowtie, button down white shirt, cowboy leather belt buckle, blue jeans, cowboy boots


By: Hunter Sol