Listen up, Princess Pan, no matter how #inspiring you think that sticky-taped Audrey Hepburn poster is- it’s not “art” and it just makes you look like you’re still living in a dorm. If you’re like me (in your 20’s and are pretending to start actually getting your shit together) you’ll need your living space to reflect that or else people just won’t take you seriously. The last thing you want is to bring a guy home and have him think you’re immature because of your poorly assembled Ikea futon with tacky zig zag throw pillows. You’re already a hot mess, don’t let your apartment show it.

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Pinterest Away


Step aside from your “wedding board,” it’s not going to come to life if your place looks like you had a frat house run through it. Pinterest, despite it’s reputation for being the most cringe cliché platform on the internet, is surprisingly an effective way to organize your thoughts and curate inspiration. An app where my anxiety can rest, my ocd can flourish, and my Cher Horowitz can breathe? Sign me up. Our main piece of advice here is to go into Pinterest with a theme or colour scheme already in mind so you know what to search for and you don’t get lost in the basicness. You’re fucking welcome btw, because Susan might actually think you’re doing work.

Theme: Animal Influence

Theme: Milennial Pink Chic

“Invest” In Artwork

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If I see another “Live Laugh Love” or any other inspirational quote for that matter, I may just gouge my eye out. You want artwork that shows you have actually stepped foot into an art gallery more than you have 1Oak. As young 20 something’s, we often think we don’t have the budget for bougie art pieces- and truth is, you probs don’t, but it doesn’t mean you can’t invest in some pieces that look like you do. Check out websites like 20×200 – who’s to know if you bought it for $24 or $10,000. Frame that shit and fake it till you make it, sis.

Focus On The Deets

Ok so you have a cute apartment, but it still just doesn’t scream “i make my own doctor’s appointments.” My advice? Pop an addy and focus. Overthink fucking everything. Measure out your apartment and create a floor plan before you start buying furniture so you know if the shit you want actually fits. I know, I sound like your mom, but start thinking about practical things- does your place get enough light? Try a variety of fixtures at different heights and create balance. Put your inner OCD to wurrrrk.

Not Your Grandmas Tchotchkes

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Channel your inner housewife and just start collecting little pieces of shit you don’t actually need, but somehow cohesively brings your place together. Antiques, anyone? Cute lil vases, spiritual crystals, books to impress his parents- whatever you want. Honestly, you can wing this part and just hone your interests and let your place reflect you, or whatever that means. Just don’t let it reflect the you that thinks Degas is Vegas spelled wrong and Leonardo da Vinci is an Oscar winning actor.

Keep Your Shit Fucking Clean

The most important part bout this whole “adulting” (I do hate that word) thing, is making sure you’re on top of it. No matter how long you spend decorating your apartment or how expensive the OG Banksy daddy bought you is- your place is going to look like a travesty if it’s not well kept. You’re already walking a thin line between “I can make it on my own” and “please never leave me, mommy.” Leave that to my dear friend, tequila.