When it comes to spring and summer scents, we know the drill: It’s usually coconut-y or sea-salty or fruity or floral. But when it comes to winter, the scent profile might be a little less obvious. Sure, you can wear those spring/summer fragrances all year round (you do you), but winter tends to call for something a little different. Something warmer, spicier, sometimes woodsier. Something altogether more comforting (not that thoughts of beaches can’t be comforting, but stay with us). So with that in mind, we found five fragrances that give us serious wintertime vibes in the best way.

1. Black Opium by YSL

If you’re in the market for a sparkling New Year’s Eve fragrance that you can wear all through the new year, look no further. This fragrance is intoxicating — warm and sweet, with notes of black coffee, vanilla and white flowers, which keep it from smelling too sugary. This scent is dark and sexy without being heavy, making it the perfect scent for any special occasion this winter (or ever, honestly)!

2. Wonderlust by Michael Kors

We know what you’re thinking…. Michael Kors? I don’t want to smell like the epitome of basic — but this is far from it. There comes a point every winter when we’re bitten by the travel bug. This fragrance captures that seasonal wanderlust beautifully. Its spicy floral scent will have you pretending you just got back from an exotic getaway. And honestly, who doesn’t want that?

3. Sinner Eau de Parfum by Kat Von D

If you want to feel like you embody class, all while being anything but — this perfume is for you. Warm, spicy scents are what winter is all about, and this one truly delivers. Sinner is a deep, seductive scent that is woodsy and cinnamon-y with a touch of sweetness. The bold woodsy and cinnamon-y sent is the perfect way to bring the warmth during the cold months.

4. Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

You might not think of floral scents as being wintery, but they totally can be! And this fragrance is the perfect winter floral. It’s not powdery or obviously flowery, but it’s more of a dark floral fragrance, featuring notes of black rose, saffron, black truffle and vanilla. It’s the type of scent that will make you feel strong, confident and sexy whenever you wear it.

5. Secret Genius by Pinrose

Rounding out our list is Secret Genius, which is a cozy vanilla- and caramel-forward fragrance. Not only is this scent absolutely delicious, but it’s also light and romantic. It’s an uncomplicated perfume, which is part of what makes it a great everyday winter fragrance.

And that about does it for us! We hope this round-up sets you on your way to finding the warm winter fragrance of your dreams!

by Micki Wagner