Golden Globes 2019 Best & Worst Dressed

The Golden Globes officially mark the start of awards season. Last night, the biggest scandal of the night was that Chrissy Metz may or may not have been caught on a hot mic calling Alison Brie a bitch. How dramatic. The awards show was a bore except for when Dick Van Dyke was honored and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, it actually made me happy for once. ANYWAYS, Here are the best and worst dressed from the night, because I know that’s all anyone really cares about.


Regina King


We all know Regina King as Hilary Duff’s ‘fairy godmother’ in A Cinderella Story, but last night, Regina looked like a motherfucking QUEEN. This is just perfection all around.

Alison Brie


Alison Brie is really out here representing us hoes, but making it fashion. As someone who revels in all things cleavage, chiffon and sparkle, I def approve. Yes, the look looks a little Disney princess-y but in the most chic way possible!

Lili Reinhart


Betty Cooper can’t come to the phone right now… why? Cause she’s killing on the Golden Globes red carpet, that’s why. This dress is big, bold and brave, and I am HERE for it.

Lupita N’yongo


I have never seen Lupita under-dressed on a red carpet, and this outfit is no exception. This spangled blue number is mystical and makes Lupita look like she’s dancing even when she’s standing still. It reminds me of a flapper’s dress but a million times classier and more elegant.

Emily Blunt


On anyone else, I probably wouldn’t have liked this dress so much, but Emily just looked like adorably sexy in it. I also love Emily Blunt. John Krasinski, you are a lucky man.


Timothee Chalamet


Oh Timothee, this is the Golden Globes red carpet, not Cirque de Soleil. Put your trapeze harness away. This look was a flop, Chalamet, you may sashay away.

Janelle Monae


I mean I know it was just New Years and all but that's no reason to dress up like a champagne bottle, Janelle. This outfit is not a look to celebrate. I'm honestly so disdappointed in this, Janelle usually thrives making bold decisions on the carpet. Let's hope this is just a rare misstep.

Anne Hathaway

I will give Anne Hathaway credit for how she looked. After much debate, we here at MyTherapistSays say that although she looked really pretty, she isn’t Snooki and therefore cheetah print on the red carpet is a big no-no.

Sofia Carson

If a doily and an optical illusion had a baby, it would be Sofia’s dress. The weird print is too distracting, and the tulle is just weird and looks itchy. Just no.

By: Hunter Soll