Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 Best & Worst Dressed

Best Dressed

Adriana Lima - Celestial Angel Segment

adriana lima vsfs 2018

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Adriana Lima is hanging up her wings after walking in the show for the past 17 years (except for one when she was prego, understandably so). The mom of two killed it again this year in this galactic look with a sparkly moon-shaped wing. Let’s be real, Adri will always be THAT bitch and honestly the show won’t be the same without her. Like, girl could be walking the runway with a cane at 70 and I would be velling at my tv “Yasss queen SLAY”. I haven’t been this emotional since like… well no I cried yesterday during a commercial. I just have a lot of feelings OK. 


Taylor Hill - Glam Royal Segment

taylor hill vsfs 2018

Taylor Hill looked so hot opening the show in this plaid school-girl esque number. Unlike some looks in the Glam Royal segment (we’ll get to that later), Taylor’s incorporated a Scottish kilt without looking too costume-y. The wings in this look are also amazing and remind me of a more vintage VS era. Old VS we miss you, please come back.

giphy (1).gif

Romee Strijd - Celestial Angels Segment

romee strijd swarovski vsfs 2018

Romee was literally dripping in Swarvoski diamonds in this jaw-dropping bodysuit. 

Elsa Hosk - Flights of Fancy Segment


Elsa Hosk looked so angelic. I love how delicate these wings are- it really matches the whole ethereal vibe she has going. The feathered heels are also v cute. At first, I thought this fantasy bra was pretty lacklustre compared to Fantasy bras of the past, but she actually worked it well. Insta thots are going to have a field day when VS releases the $250, cheaper version of the bra. Sit down Kayla, you’re not a supermodel, you sell fit tea. 

giphy (2).gif

Kendall Jenner - Celestial Angels Segment

kendall jenner vsfs 2018

Kendall came back to the VS fashion show with a bang wearing this beautiful black sparkly ensemble. Unlike many other outfits in this show that repulsed me, this outfit made me actually want to buy VS lingerie. Also, I know she’s supposedly gotten a lot of work done as of late, but I must say, her doctor knows whats up.

Worst Dressed 

Yasmin Wijnaldum - Mary Katranzou Segment

yasmin wilnaldum vsfs 2018

This outfit is just….. so confusing? SO many questions. This looks like something someone would come up with if they dropped a lot of acid. Truly revolting. Thanks for letting me know that I should stay far far away from Mary Katranzou. 

Barbara Fialho - Golden Angels Segment

barbarah fialho vsfs 2018

Victoria’s Secret is officially out of ideas when it comes to segments because I’m pretty sure this whole “Golden Angel’s” segment is just them wrapping an orange silk bow around their necks and calling it a day. Truly, a gift that nobody asked for. 

Gigi Hadid - Mary Katranzou Segment

gigi hadid vsfs 2018

What in fresh hell is this?! Grandma called- she wants her sheets back. Victoria’s secret did my girl Gigi dirty this year, i’m pretty sure someone’s out to get her for the whole nepotism thing. 

Barbara Palvin - Downtown Angels Segment

barbara palvin vsfs 2018

Ok but why does Barbara look like me “running errands” (aka going to target)? Like come on VS it’s a fashion show, it’s supposed to be over the top glam. Coming from someone who is allergic to trying hard, try harder VS. 

Cindy Bruna - Glam Royals Segment

cindy bruna vsfs 2018

When I look at this, it makes me think that they're purposely trying to make an outfit as horrendous as they possibly can. There’s just wayyyyy too much going on. Who thought plaid wings was a good idea? I just want to talk. Victoria’s Secret, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Tbh they should probably send a formal apology to all the royals for this utter disrespect.