I’ve had the pleasure of working on a poster for a play called, The Vic (the picture is of an old version, so no spoilers here☺️) This process has required looking at how art– specifically through the dialogue of theatre, can let us stare down imperfection, mistakes, and regret in a way that shows the difficult beauty of our most natural and human tendencies. Sometimes, we seem to have a set ideal for what we expect happiness, and perfection to look like, but that image if often cut from many layers of complicated and somber truths. The Vic provides an incredible medium for communicating the existence of struggle in our lives and identities through blunt, but beautiful dialogue that gives voices to groups who are sometimes made to feel less due to victimization.

When I spent time in hospital and was unable to find any words, I heard someone refer to me (as if I wasn’t there), as a victim. To me that situation is what feeling silenced is. I would never identify with that word except for in that moment when it was placed upon me. The only time people become victims is when we talk over them, or for them when we presume they’re incapable. Having your voice heard is a privilege that not everyone has. As I’m writing this, I am thankful to be looking forward to an open forum hosted by the theatre company behind this production. It reminds me that I am most hopeful and most capable when I see proof that we can face difficult topics tgether. When perspectives differ based on our individual histories and emotions, it requires forgiveness and patience to hold us together as we converse and learn.

Oeiginally published, here on October 18th, 2017