Here we go. The number one “throwback” post on Instagram is officially here, the California music festival, Coachella. This event attracts the hottest models and celebrities, its basically a large socialite party where you can get the best celebrity scoop at. OK sorry (not sorry) about the throwbacks. We all get it, right? You went to Coachella weekend 2 and danced with drunk Leonardo DiCaprio in a VIP after-party one night bc your friend was making out with one of the stage managers for a band no one has ever heard of. Thank god for friends like her, taking one for the team. But lets be real the rest of the weekend you sat on the ground rewatching your stories from the set that just finished or editing some new pics your gonna post “in a month” and caption “missing this”. 

Anyways, whether you’re dancing with celebrities or in the back crowded by strangers, we want you to look your hottest and be on trend so here are some festival looks you have to pull off this weekend. 

Channel your inner gypsy goddess this year by feeling liberated in your own skin, keeping it chill with light fabrics, chic accessories, and various braid styles. 

Let’s Hit The Desert People!! 

Festival Braids 

coachella braids

A major “cool girl” look. Throw some double Dutch, French, Spanish, all the braids, in there. Braid the hell out of those locks. 3 benefits: 

  • Not having to worry about if your curls are out or hair has gone frizzy throughout the day (messier the braid the better).
  • Dancing the weekend away without whipping people in the face or the cute guy dancing behind you, or uhh eating your hair
  • Literally being able to sleep in braids and then have beach waves for the last day. SCORE. (With help of some dry shampoo action of course).
coachella braids
coachella hair


coachella fashion neutrals

Neutrals are the move. No colours this year. Matching with your background (the beige desert) will automatically create insta-worthy shots. You know, the Money $hots so you aren’t stressed for the rest of the day because you know you’re gonna be posting a hot ass pic later after a million VSCO edits. Just think gypsy goddess or Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha on a camel in Dubai in Sex and the City 2.    

coachella fashion neutrals


vanessa hudgens coachella

This festival SZN things are slowly progressing to the “minimalist festival goer”, since we are already dramatic people to begin with, by “minimalist” we mean instead of 10 flash tats, 5 at most this year. But layer up by mixing some silvers/golds in chokers, body chains, bracelets and obv temp tattoos.  

coachella jewelry
coachella jewelry



Denim on denim is very western and good for the daytime at Coachella, a light washed denim jacket paired with dark denim cut offs and some booties. Throw a bandana on and you got an outfit for Day 1.

alessandra ambrosio coachella

  3 F’s: Fringe/Florals/Fanny 

coachella florals

Basically bring one of these pieces for the weekend and you’re set, or hell, all of these at once! Fringe is necessary for Coachella, as floral is basically just a spring music festival staple. The fanny is the smartest move you’ll make when you come back from the weekend and think you lost everything, check the fanny girl. That thing was locked and strapped while you shuffled at Kygo. 

gigi hadid coachella fringe