Since it’s officially Virgo season, we decided to compile a list of characters that are so obviously Virgo to us- they’re methodical stalkers, ambitious girl bosses, loyal besties, but basically live off their enemies tears. Let us know if you agree with characters below. Happy Virgo season!

1. Olivia Pope

Name a more bad ass heroine than Olivia Pope, I dare you. What makes her so Virgo? She is incredibly smart. A true leader, boss ass bitch. She is insanely loyal to those that earned her love and loyalty. She is always there for her friends. But she is not afraid to make tough calls and sacrifice her own happiness if need there be. There is no end to her ambition, but she doesn’t come across as cold which is why she is a Virgo rather than a Capricorn. Only Virgo women can be so powerful and ambitious, yet warm and feminine. It’s a delicate balance. There’s nothing that Olivia can’t do.

2. Hermione Granger

She is hardworking, loyal and whip smart. A book worm who will always use her knowledge to help out a friend. But also can be v annoying and judgmental. Strives for perfection, but is kind of insecure deep inside. Typical Virgo. Where would Harry and Ron be without this know-it-all? I’ll tell you where, they’d be dead af.

3. Blair Waldorf

What else would queen B be? Duh, obviously she is a Virgo. An evil mastermind, who loves and protects her chosen loved ones fiercely. She is school smart, popular and scary, but deep inside she is soft and just wants to be loved for who she really is. Virgos struggle with allowing themselves to be vulnerable because they are so neurotic and afraid of being hurt. Blair really personifies that. She tortures people she dislikes, and she also tortures people she loves. It is a classic Virgo move.

4. Monica Geller

This one is v obvious. Monica is a clean freak, a nag and a general pain in the ass. I feel like “Friends” writers just put together a bunch of Virgo characteristics and called it Monica. She is meticulous and neurotic which is endearing to watch but probs not very fun to live with. No offence. However she makes up for the annoying Virgo traits by cooking amazing feasts and taking care of everyone. She is def the mom of the group and I for one would love to have a mom in my group of friends. Monica makes all the plans, organizes everyone’s life and succeeds at her own shit at the same time. Now that’s what I call multitasking. On second thought, who doesn’t want a caring bestie that cleans for you, cooks for you and helps you get your shit together? Sign me up.

5. Meredith Grey

Meredith is a not so obvious choice, but bear with me. She is v smart, successful and ambitious. She is guarded and likes to come across as a cold bitch, but in reality she is a warm and loving woman who had a really shitty childhood so we really can’t blame her. She had no family so kind of like Rachel Green, she created her own family by being the glue that holds her friends together. She balances career and family like a pro. Her strength is enviable especially considering all the bs Shonda Rhimes put her through. Even after losing McDreamy (I’m still not over it tbh) she is still a badass.