It is 5:30PM, you have happy hour drinks with your besties but you need to run home to change from your embarrassingly obvious “overslept outfit”. Why do you even still own these grey slacks with a broken zipper from 2008? So you manage to speed home while texting in the group chat “Running l8. Be there soon?”

As you walk through your door, you suddenly feel a caffeine withdrawal (since your last cup was at like what, 2PM?), the heels come off, you accidentally sit down on the bed…next thing you know it’s 10:30PM, you’re deep into rewatching The Office for the tenth time, an empty pizza box is laying next to you and your phone is on Do Not Disturb. You, my friend, have experienced the classic ‘Bailer’s Blackout’: the state in which staying in, having food delivered, and sweatpants consume the brain and overrule all else (even passing up the drink the new hottie from work offered to buy you). Truth is, you knew it the whole day too (so did the whole group chat) you just thought something magically different would happen today. Something like your crippling social anxiety would maybe, possibly, not be such a cramp to your calm, cool, and collected exterior?  Getting into bed after a long day, just before another long night out is a recipe for disaster. We all know you’re staying in, you ain’t fooling nobody honey. When those sweats come on, the ‘getting ready panic’ shuts off. Not having to worry about seeing Matt, last weeks mistake, sponsored by tequila! Or hearing about Katie’s hot air balloon proposal…we get it, Katie has mastered how to hold on to a steady relationship (we are all so thrilled!) the rest of us are still crying to our Ubers. Basically the only anxiety you have to deal with now is opening the door to the delivery guy (making sure not to blurt out “hi you’re my only friend”).

Never be ashamed to stay in, it’s seriously good for your mental health. Until you open your Snapchat and the FOMO kicks in… and when that happens, just remember how well rested you are, how happy you are not to have dealt with Tiffany’s drunk crying and the disappointment of walking into a bar filled with guys trying to slobber all over you. Bailing on plans and taking a personal night should be more encouraged and celebrated!

By: Alexi Alonso