In light of recent developments aka Khloe being spotted at the Cavs game “supporting” Tristan, we have a few words for her.

Dear Khloe,

It hurts us to write this more than it hurts to get our bikini waxes, but just like grooming down there, this needs to be addressed. We have been Keeping Up with you since Season 1, and through all of your ups and downs – the ugly outfits, the Lamar dramz, and the revenge body (we’re still so proud of you, you go girl). Back in September 2016, when we heard you were spotted out with Tristan T, we were so happy for you that you had finally found your Prince Charming, and even happier for you this past winter when you confirmed that you were pregnant with your first baby.

Less than a month ago RIGHT BEFORE YOU WERE READY TO POP OUT YOUR LITTLE (but super overdue) BUNDLE OF JOY, everyone in the Kardashian fandom (ourselves included) was devastated when we found out that Tristan had been caught on multiple cameras cheating with multiple sidechicks. Khlo, we were all rooting for you!!!!! We were all rooting for your relationship!!!!! Legit, we were so emotionally invested in your relationship that we felt like Tristan had cheated on all of us by association.

Today, we got the worst news ever – no, not that Sephora discontinued carrying Better Than Sex Mascara – but that you and Tristan were spotted out together, smiling and laughing like everything is totally okay (IT’S NOT). When we got the TMZ notification, our hearts sunk almost as low as a 13 year old boys balls during puberty. We had such high hopes for you, KoKo!!!!

This is why Khloe, we have to ask the question….


Honestly though Khlo, WHY!!!!! Yeah, we understand that you’re trying to have a happy family, and that you want True to have both parents around, but we have so much faith in you that you’ll be able to raise True by yourself, and she’ll turn out just fine (minus a couple daddy issues, but who doesn’t have those these days?!) You’re literally crushing everyone’s hearts by going back to Cheating Tristan ‘Third Trimester’ Thompson. Like, we all thought you were going to move back to LA and raise your baby like the strong independent woman who don’t need no man that everyone knows that you are!!! So, c’mon Khlo$! Prove that to us!! Kick him to the curb!!!!

Khloe, it’ll take us a little bit to get over this betrayal (you’re betraying us by going back to him, we mean), but we’ll get over it soon. After all, you’re still the best Kardashian by far.

By: Hunter Sol