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The goal of MyTherapistSays was to be a relatable brand, speaking to struggles of a 20 to 30 something woman who’s a bit of a mess. We captured the hearts of millions of like-minded individuals across the country and constantly strive to both empathize and embody the reality of a day-in-the life of our readers through satirical, yet topical content which speaks to them on an intimate and meaningful level.


We know our audience and they know us. We are always proud to introduce our fans to the brands we love and work with. We create customized content, tailored to our niche audience, ensuring the delivery of an effective message from your brand. Your brand initiatives are key to us and we’ll work with you to develop end-to-end campaigns which include strategy, planning and conceptualization through to content creation, production and execution. We’ve delivered targeted messages to millions of raving fans in a very meaningful way. What are you waiting for?


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