Skincare can get confusing. There are so many aspects and steps to it that sometimes, you might feel lost. For me, skincare tools and facial devices seem like another language, I love trying masks and products but I have no idea how to use the fancy and beautiful “Gua Sha” facial lifting tool.


With companies like Skin Gym becoming more and more popular, it’s evident that facial tools and devices are on the rise in the skincare world, so let’s dive in. While Skin Gym sells serums and masks, they’re known for their “non-invasive beauty tools for the modern woman.”

You may be wondering, why do I need these tools? I’ve been going about my life just fine without them. Well – they can help with circulation, blood flow, skin texture, collagen production, and more, which ultimately means they’re amazing for anti-ageing and some say they can mimic a facelift when used correctly. Sign me up.

Crystals are one of the first things you’ll notice being used in the world of facial tools, Jade, Amethyst, Rose Quart, Black Obsidian, and even diamonds are sometimes the material that makes up the entire tool.

Jade has been used since ancient times in China, dating all the way back to the 7th century. It can help with lymphatic drainage (if you keep up with influencers on IG you will understand what this is) which helps detoxify the body by releasing toxins from your lymph nodes. It can help you if you feel bloated or swollen by being an anti-inflammatory. This is probably the most common crystal you will see used in facial tools.


Skin Gym has tons of tools on their website including:

Here’s the low down:

Depending on your age and skin concerns, you can do these treatments at home on an as-need basis.

The most commonly used at home facial tools are the Jade/Crystal Roller, Gua Sha, Contour Roller, and Ice Roller and these can be used daily, morning and night.  If you’re looking to de-puff, the Ice Roller is the way to go, you leave it in the freezer and utilize the cool metal to soothe swollen skin – it’s perfect for a hangover. The Jade/Crystal Roller, Gua Sha, and Contour Roller are each similar in terms of their outcomes, the contour roller rejuvenates too, but they are all great at contouring the skin and lifting it. It can be based on your personal preference which tool you prefer to use, but you definitely don’t need to invest in them all.

Another common tool is a dry brush. You can find these in face and body form, but I have the body brush and use it on my face too (be very gentle with your face and this tool). You use this before you shower/take a bath because you are supposed to be dry (hence the name). This tool is amazing for exfoliation, and it also stimulates the skin. I find whenever I find the time to use this, my skin feels so smooth after my shower but also feels refreshed! Some people say that dry brushing can get rid of stretch marks.

Facial and body cupping is a new phenomenon that seems a little far fetched for me. You suction the cups to your face or body which increases your blood flow, helps with muscle tension, promotes cell repair and stimulation, and can promote collagen production. If you’re feeling congested, in need of anti-ageing, or want to rejuvenate your skin this could be great for you.


Microdermabrasion is another way to exfoliate your skin by using a roller with a bunch of micro-needles on it. This works in conjunction with your skincare products and actually helps them work better because it allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin.  Anybody who wants any of their products/serums to work well should use this! It should be used 1-2 times a week so you don’t over-exfoliate. I love using this with Good Genes.

Last but most definitely not least are the high-frequency tools. Skin Gym has a high-frequency wand, you can also find similar ones on Amazon – be careful and read reviews on these and make sure they’re safe to put on your face. This is the tool for everyone suffering from acne. It has different attachments to play around with, but a tip I’ve read up on is to cover the attachment with a piece of tissue when you first use the tool, otherwise, it may be too strong. You turn it on and turn the dial-up until you notice it leaves your skin very slightly tingling. Then you move the wand over your pimple or problem area for 1-3 minutes.

There are probably some crazy contraptions out there that I don’t know about, whenever using new products on your face you should do your own research and speak to your dermatologist. Some things may work for you that doesn’t work for others!

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