We’re at the point of winter when the first snow has turned from pretty and white to slushy and grey, the holidays have passed and now all we have to look forward to is the weather getting warmer. One thing I struggle with in the winter is my skin, it gets super dry, bumpy, and is even more prone to breakouts in the winter because of the harsh weather!

It’s frost week for me at school this week, which means drinking and going out all night and not doing much during the day. This is pretty much hell for my skin (and my social anxiety), so I figured now is as good a time as ever to do some heavy research into how to save my skin from the winter blues.

Here’s one thing I promise, I will not bullshit you with the “drink tons of water” or “maintain a healthy diet” tips that people who won the genetic lottery tell you, I am going to find some true skin care secrets and cannot wait to share them with you and see how they work.

SECRET #1: Honey

One thing that I struggle with in the winter is eczema, not on my face, but my arms and legs get super irritated by the dry weather. Sadly, while doing my research I have now discovered that eczema is not curable. However, something good that I discovered was that honey is like a miracle worker for eczema! My mom bought me the Farmacy Honey Saviour Skin Salve before our trip to Colorado (the driest place EVER) and I cannot explain to you how amazing this made my itchy skin feel! A tiny bit goes a long way — and I don’t think this is something that is meant for your whole body, but since it uses fresh honey as a base it’s super good for your whole body especially if you have eczema!

SECRET #2: The Right Type of Face Masks

Moisturizing face masks are one of the things that help me achieve normal looking skin during winter months! Without these I would be so lost. I’ve found that in the winter I stay away from the clay masks, or the super exfoliating peels because they strip my skin of vital oils that I really do need in the winter! Sticking to masks which are less harsh is super great because it not only keeps the vital oils in your skin, but it can add more oils and nutrients that make your skin even better! I’ve become obsessed with the Clarins SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm mask has legit changed my skin this winter. I have been using it every other night (you don’t need to use a lot each time) and have fallen in love with how my skin feels when I wake up! I love this mask, but you can really use any mask that is cream based and meant to add moisture and other nutrients to your skin! Summer Fridays Jet Leg mask is super great and so is the Laniege Water Sleeping Mask (they just came out with a lavender scent which helps you sleep at night and is amazing).

SECRET #3: Exfoliate

One thing that is essential for keeping skin clear and smooth during the winter is to exfoliate. I know when I spoke about face masks, I said to stay away from the exfoliating chemical peels (and I do stick by that), but here I’m talking about manual exfoliation (which is when there are actual pieces in the product which exfoliate your face for you! You can exfoliate 2–3 times per week in the winter and make sure to load up on moisturizing product after exfoliating! During the winter times I love to stick to a really simple and weak exfoliator because I don’t want to strip my skin! The Facial Radiance Polish from First Aid Beauty is perfect for this because it gently polishes your skin and is even marketed for everyday use (which means its weak enough for your skin to handle daily).

SECRET #4: Humidifier

My humidifier SAVES me during the winter. If you live in a cool climate you likely have heating in your home! The air that is circulated when heating a home is usually extremely dry which means the air that you’re sleeping in is not helping your skin out at all. I find that without my humidifier on I’ll wake up with a super raspy throat and super itchy skin because I have nothing supplementing the dry air! You can purchase this amazing one on amazon. I have it, and it also has a compartment for inserting essential oils so I can make my room smell amazing at the same time as amping up the hydration! I love frankincense because it gives me a super calm vibe!

SECRET #5: Shower Less

My last and final secret for you may come as a surprise. AND I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD STOP SHOWERING, but if you’re like me (I shower at least once a day, sometimes even twice because I hate feeling dirty) you really need to cut down on your shower time in the winter. This is because the shower will strip your skin of moisture and nutrients that are vital to hydration! Instead of showering every day you could try going every other day! Or just even spending less time in the shower each night will help out your skin a ton!

By: Emmy Goodman