Unless you seriously live under a rock, you have heard of the Bachelor franchise. There’s The Bachelor, where there is one single guy with many single women all fighting for his attention, there’s the Bachelorette which is the same thing but reversed, one girl and many guys fighting for her, and then there is my favourite, Bachelor in Paradise. This is where they throw a bunch of the girls and guys who got out during recent (or not so recent) Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons into a villa in Sayulita, Mexico and sort of just let them do whatever the hell they want.

This is the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise (I’m going to start calling it paradise now because it’s easier and that’s what my friends and I call it), and it is already the most dramatic ever. Chris Harrison (the bachelor’s king/host) seems to sort of be understating the drama of this season. The Bachelorette with Hannah B. as the star recently ended in tons of drama, Hannah B. is left single, and we’re all wondering if she’ll potentially make a paradise appearance. I am not going, to sum up, what’s going on, because I really think you should WATCH THE SHOW. I will not give justice to the entertainment gold that you could be watching every Monday and Tuesday night.

Reason #1 Why You Should Be Watching Paradise RN:


DEMI!!! To quote the bachelors online description of Demi, she is a 23-year-old interior designer from Red Oak, Texas. “She loves ATVing, fishing and watching WWE. She can also drive a stick shift. She’s ready to put her pursuit of Colton into overdrive! Keep an eye on this one, Bachelor Nation!” according to ABC’s website. Some fun facts about her include that her favourite colour is yellow, if she could have lunch with anyone it would be John Snow (same, but make it dinner), and “One item on her bucket list is to be the first petite Victoria’s Secret Angel—with an entourage known as the “Demi Angels.”” In the teaser of this season, we see that Demi seems to have a relationship with another female, something that has never happened in bachelor history before. Nothing on that yet in the season, but she talks a ton about just being open to everything. She is calling people on their bullshit in a super comedic way and I am here for it. She also appeared in the audience of Hannah B.’s Bachelorette finale with her BFF Demi Lovato! Demi & Demi are killing it right now.

Reason #2 Why You Should Be Watching Paradise RN:


John Paul Jones. If you didn’t have an obsession with him in Hannah’s season something could be wrong with you, but now’s your chance to start. He is so cute and his vibe is so different from any of the other bachelor guys. He seems super laid back and chill and is not getting involved in any drama! He brings good vibes to paradise which is definitely what everyone will need this season. He is described by ABC as “a financial analyst from Maryland who is here looking for the real deal. When John Paul Jones isn’t daydreaming about his future wedding, he enjoys travelling the world and contemplating the meaning of life.” They also mention that “When referring to John Paul Jones, always use his full name: John Paul Jones, John Paul Jones’s favourite drink is Champagne, and John Paul Jones rarely uses words that are less than three syllables long.” Most of these things make very little sense, but that is exactly what I want to see when binge-watching reality TV so I am here for it!

Reason #3 Why You Should Be Watching Paradise RN:


The self-proclaimed mayor of paradise, Jordan Kimball. You may remember Jordan from his previous time in paradise. Jordan is hilarious and so fun to watch, I was very happy when he walked down the stairs into paradise. He got turned down from his first date which upset him a lot (because he thinks paradise is his kingdom). For some reason, Jordan doesn’t have a biography on ABC… I wonder if he’s just too big of a personality, to sum up in a few words. He just entered paradise this week and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.

Reason #4 Why You Should Be Watching Paradise RN:


Jorge. If you’re new to the franchise you will have no idea who this man is. He was previously the bartender in paradise, but now that Wells Adams (Sarah Hyland’s new fiancee) has taken over, Jorge has moved on to bigger and better things! He now helps plan dates for the paradise members. This season, he even took two lucky paradise contestants to the site where he lost his virginity. Jorge is like a huge part of why I love this show, he brings happiness and love to the beach and I am here for it. If you would like a taste of Jorge, follow his Instagram: @jorgefromparadise or just watch this amazing clip: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0w6lW3AvxK/. He also runs a really amazing tour company through Nayarit called Nayarit Uncovered so if anyone is looking to visit paradise, hit him up.

Reason #5 Why You Should Be Watching Paradise RN:


The DRAMA. I don’t think I have watched a season of this franchise where Chris Harrison doesn’t call it the most dramatic season ever. How can they all get more and more dramatic every year? I am not sure, but he is usually right and if you aren’t watching reality TV for drama then what are you watching it for? The thing that makes this season different is that the contestants all knew each other and interacted (in many ways) with each other before the season. Previously, there was a rule where contestants couldn’t contact the other contestants before the show, but I guess this year nobody gave a f**k. Either way, this season is amazing with so much drama including released text screenshots which highlight peoples sexts, and so much more. I love the drama, but I am worried about some of the contestants! A lot is going down and it cannot be good for their mental health. ABC better get some good therapists this season because it is NEEDED.

Anyways, I hope I have convinced you to watch this amazing show!