We get it. Life can be super stressful. So what do you do when the stress becomes too much? Well, you have to find ways to relax. And if you’re like, “LOL, how do I do that?” Then we’ve got your back with 4 ways to relax yourself.

1. Take a couple breaths

Before you even continue reading, just take two or three nice deep breaths. And every time you start to feel worked up in your day, do it again to help de-stress.

2. Meditate

You’ve heard it before, but meditation is actually a dope way to calm down. You can download apps like Aura and Simple Habit where you can do meditations for 3–5 minutes once a day. It’s super easy, and will help you keep your cool in your day-to-day.

3. Try out worry time

If you’re a stressed-out worrier, then we can relate. But a great way to combat worry and anxiety is with worry time. Basically, you set up a time every day to write down everything you’re worried about. Then, when you’re going through your day, if you start to worry about something, save it for worry time when you can fully unpack it. This way you can worry less throughout your day.

4. Do something

Do anything! Just do something that gets you out of your mind for a bit. Get absorbed in a good movie. Pull out a coloring book and get to coloring. Make your mom’s bomb homemade cookie recipe. Whatever helps you embrace the present, do that.

Relaxing can be hard, but with these four methods, you’ll soon be zen AF.

By: Micki Wagner