Happy first day of fall!


I’m not exactly sure why, but whenever September/Fall comes around, I instantly feel like the year is starting. I think it’s likely because I’ve been a student for 90% of my life and September brings on a new school year. I’ve recently realized though, that for the rest of the world, New Years is January 1st. The shift of seasons, however, is a fantastic time to start new habits because it brings with it a change of weather and lifestyle! I love going back to school and changing up my habits, it’s easy to start a new routine when you’re already changing other things in your life. A few healthy habits to try to include this fall with the change of weather are actually backed up by science. 


One thing I’ve vowed to myself that I will start on October 1st (I have already made the Amazon order) is the 5-minute journal. It’s a super cute journal that is not difficult to find, which comes with daily prompts. Each morning you have to write 3 things that you’re grateful for, 3 things that would make today amazing, and a daily affirmation. Each night you write 3 amazing things that happened today and how could you have made your day better. It has a super cute font, stunning colours, and is actually backed up by research. Getting in the habit of saying these things every day can actually boost your mood (according to The Five Minute Journal). 



Fun fact about me, I love to plan things. This is why I am OBSESSED with my calendar. In class, my friends will be bored and checking out Instagram to see if any more of the Bachelor in Paradise cast members have posted any 500-word essays. What will I be doing? Planning things in my calendar. I know, I’m really odd. One thing I’ve started to get in the habit of doing is keeping a planner by hand. I know it’s inconvenient sometimes, but I feel so organized and writing out my days or weeks is somewhat relaxing. Probably because I get to escape from my life staring at a computer/TV screen! I also love doing this because it gives me an excuse to spend money on something adorable and pretty that I wouldn’t otherwise need. 

Healthy Replacements

The one other thing that I will be focusing on in the next little while is replacing bad things with good things. I’m not going to give any of these things up completely, just doing my best to be conscious of the time I’m spending on things and how I could replace it! I could name a million things, for example, replacing: coffee with tea, Netflix with books, driving with walking, ordering in with cooking. Sometimes it’s easier than you think to make healthy changes! It can also be a good idea to schedule things into your agenda to remind yourself to stick to the habits!