We all want perfect skin. I can almost assure you that like 99% of people who are reading this article have said in the past month “I wish my skin was better.” No shame at all though — having good skin is something that can make you so much more confident. While I’m on the subject of skin and confidence — can we just like take a moment to talk about Kendall Jenner’s proactive shit? Her skin is literally PERFECT like to die for. Maybe once she had some acne and I totally get her whole story, but I’m sorry there is no way proactive saved her skin, it’s Kendall Jenner, she probably went to like some crazy fancy dermatologist in LA and got a bunch of facials. Or — like most people she just grew out of her acne after puberty.

Sorry for the rant — but when people with amazing skin complain about their skin it makes me a little bit pissed off. Anyways, your skin can definitely be helped by products like proactive and basically anything in the skin care section at Sephora, but another way to get crystal clear skin is to add some things to your diet! Keep reading if you want to hear how tomatoes, fish, and Greek yogurt can do wonders for your skin.

Oranges, Peaches & Carrots

Beta-Carotene is a form of vitamin A that is super good for your skin. It can help combat acne, boost your skin colour, and make your skin super smooth. It can add an orange pigment — which may sound intimidating, but it will not actually make you orange — which can make you look more alive and glowy! Oranges, peaches, and carrots are all pretty decent foods that can be added to any salad and make your skin glow. Healthy, delicious, and makes you look better — what more could you possibly ask for?


Tomato has a ton of something call Lycopene in it, and lycopene is actually known to have tons of anti-aging benefits. It also can help defend your skin from harmful UV rays! SUN PROTECTION — yes please J. A good pasta with tomato sauce sounds amazing on this cold wintery day, plus it’s keeping your skin looking young!


Fish contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which actually keep moisture in your skin! This is exactly what you need during the winter. I’m not saying having some spicy salmon sushi will let you skin applying moisturizer for the week, but it will allow your skin to keep the moisture that you’re putting on for longer! Omega 3 Fatty Acids also help to reduce inflammation so that big red zit that looks like a mountain on your face maybe will calm down a bit if you add some fish to your diet.

Greek Yogurt

Most people have heard of the horrors that dairy can do to your skin. I’m actually very sensitive to lactose so I stay away from dairy regardless, but it’s one of the first things my dermatologist told me to stop eating when I was complaining about my acne. However, Greek Yogurt is a dairy item that can benefit your skin! Not only does it make a good face mask, it contains probiotics and lactic acids which help reduce the look of wrinkles and tighten your pores! Sounds good to me.


Kale contains something called Vitamin K, which reduces dark circles under your eyes, and dark spots on your face! I will definitely need to keep a kale smoothie in mind not only for a hangover helper, but it could even make me look awake for my Friday morning class post-Thursday night at the club!

As much as I love a good face mask — I think eating the right foods could be a great way to keep your skin clear! Without spending big bucks on products that may or may not work, food is a natural and cheaper way to keep your skin looking amazing at all times. You definitely won’t see results right away — it takes a while for your body to get used to dietary changes, but if you keep these things in your regular diet you could be able to skip a few steps in your skin care routine and maybe spend the money you’ve saved on the products on a new purse or something while you’re at it.

By: Emmy Goodman