AKA The Day of Saint Valentine’s.

AKA The-attempt-at-Love-Actually-ensemble -holiday-movie Taylor-Swift-cringey-acting-debut that totally bombed.


Or as some call it, Singles’ Awareness Day.

If you’re making like Jason Derulo and Ridin’ Solo this Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to feel down. Whether you’ve had a recent heartbreak, are fervently swiping through Sweat Pea to find a match, or are choosing singleness because you are independent and don’t need no SO, there’s plenty of ways to pass February 14th that don’t involve pooling an already full glass of wine with your own tears while watching The Notebook (though that honestly is a valid option).

Watch How to Be Single

Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson and Alison Brie. That hot pastor from The Mindy Project and that hot newbie from The Office and hot Coach from New Girl. You can’t go wrong with the cast, the laughs and the relatable hot mess that is trying to find yourself

without being attached to someone else. Prepare to have Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You stuck in your head afterward.

Take a bath

Take it up a notch with any of the following: essential oils, candles, bath bombs, face masks, tea, wine, and this compilation of singlehood bangers.

Go full Knope for Galentine’s Day

Get your gal pals together and eat some waffles, or any other treats you freakin desire. Take it up a notch: host a cookie swap, get some fondant, or try some Nailed It level Pinterest creations.

Go see Isn’t it Romantic in theatres

With Rebel Wilson’s comedic chops and Liam Hemsworth’s bod, this movie will at best be one of your fave rom coms and at worst be an excuse to stuff your face with popcorn. Seems like a win-win to me.

Share the love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. Call your mom. Send your grandma flowers. Tell a friend how much you appreciate them. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Volunteer. There’s never a bad time to spread kindness, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Get active

But not like, the lame kind. Forget treadmills and spin classes. Think laser tag, bouldering, or bowling (okay, maybe that one’s not as active) with some friends.

Get artsy

Go to a paint night, or host your own so you can paint whatever tf you want. Decorate clay creations at your local pottery store. Make cute handmade Valentine’s cards. Whatever gets those creative juices flowing.

Look out, Bob Ross.

Get inspired

Listen to some podcasts or audiobooks of people who inspire you. Watch Eat Pray Love. Read a book. Journal- check out some prompts here.

Capitalize on post-Valentine’s Day chocolate sales


At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is like any other commercial holiday- it can be overhyped, over-marketed, and overrated. Just as you should with any other day, do you and don’t put pressure on it- and enjoy the stress-free days of not having to make romantic plans or buying gifts for your SO while you can.